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In Ruby I have the following:

# Trap Interrupts
trap("INT") do
    puts "Shutting down..."

When I interrupt the program, the following is printed (Mac OSX Lion):

^CShutting down...

Is there any way to hide ^C from within Ruby?

Whether control characters are echoed is a property of the tty you're using. stty -echoctl is the Unix way to disable echoing of control characters. You can run this command from within your Ruby script and achieve the same effect if you're using a Unix-ish system.

Where's Max: Hide-and-Seek Game with Max and Ruby, In today's exploration of the hidden gems in Ruby's standard library, we're going to look at delegation. Unfortunately, this term—like so many  Ruby: If you won't let me hide, then I'm not playing. I'm going to have milk and cookies with my dollies instead. (Max thinks Ruby is gonna hide. He puts on his shirt and his overalls on too.

I've found that in my Python programs on Linux and Mac OS X terminals I can hide the ^C by starting the message with a carriage return (\r). It feels like a hack but it works just fine.

Hide user input in Ruby, Max & Ruby Play Hide-and-Seek: Lift-the-Flap Book [Paradis, Anne, Nelvana Ltd.​] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Max & Ruby Play  … and String comparison is slow in Ruby. true and false can be saved as settings and restored on startup. Then your reference is pointing direct at one of the boolean objects, and there is no need to call the == method which also takes time, no need for the interpreter to create a new “YES” string from the literal to pass as the argument.

You can also use backspace characters to erase the ^C:

trap("INT") do
    puts "\b"*2 + "Shutting down..."

Ruby's Hidden Gems: Delegator and Forwardable, Directed by Jamie Whitney. With Anne Foo, Anna Jordan, Greer McKain, Samantha Morton. Ruby plays Hide and Seek with Max but Max doesn't know the rules. " Hide and Seek " is the first third of the second episode of the first season of Max & Ruby.

Watch This Hide and Seek Video: Max and Ruby: S1, Ep002, Synopsis. Ruby teaches Max how to play Hide-and-Seek, but he seems to understand the rules a bit too well and doesn't want to let Ruby take her turn at hiding. Ruby has decided to teach Max how to play a game he's never played before: hide and seek. Will Max be any good at it? Watch this Nick Jr video to find out!

Max & Ruby Play Hide-and-Seek: Lift-the-Flap Book: Paradis, Anne , Go to Forum Hide. Game details Find all the hidden apples in this image of Max and Ruby. Added on 28 Oct 2013 Comments Please register or login to post a comment

"Max & Ruby" Hide and Seek/Max's Breakfast/Louise's Secret (TV , For ruby version 1.8 (or Ruby < 1.9) I used read shell builtin as mentioned by @Charles. Putting the code thats just enough to prompt for user name & password, where user name will be echoed to screen while typing in however password typed in would be silent.

  • Begin the exit message with a 'C' (something like Closing link...) and then omitting the 'C' :) (Still would have the ^ though)