ImportError: No module named 'hypothesis'

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importerror: no module named mac
importerror: no module named linux
importerror: no module named hvac
importerror no module named name
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python no module named same directory
importerror: no module named requests

I installed hypothesis on Anaconda with conda install hypothesis. I use Python 3.7 on Spyder.

In a file called I wrote

from hypothesis import given
import hypothesis.strategies as st

but when I run the file, it says:

ImportError: No module named 'hypothesis'

How can I do to fix this problem?

Install Hypothesis with Pip

pip install hypothesis

this will resolve the issue.

Also, 0.2.2 is the best stable version confirmed by the developers.

ImportError: No module named 'XYZ', ImportError: No module named 'XYZ'. Jupyter notebook cannot find the package you already installed? Let's solve the problem. Traceback (most recent call last): File "./", line 3, in <module> import matplotlib.pyplot as plt ImportError: No module named matplotlib.pyplot Does python look for matplotlib in different locations? The environment is: Mac OS X 10.8.4 64bit built-in python 2.7 numpy, scipy, matplotlib is installed with:

maybe you have 2 versions of python installed and when you try to install with pip it installs in another place while you try to use it in another version.

Traps for the Unwary in Python's Import System, This has changed in Python 3.3: now any directory on sys.path with a name that "<string>", line 1, in <module> ImportError: No module named asked 2020-07-01 06:56:25 -0500. Alessandro Melino 47 4 9 15. Hello. I am trying to execute an scrip for hw_interface, but in the roslaunch execution the following

Another problem occurred: when I write !pytest this messages appear:

INTERNALERROR> Traceback (most recent call last): INTERNALERROR> File "C:\Users\Jonathan Frassineti\Anaconda\lib\site-packages\anypytools\", line 380, in get_anybodycon_path INTERNALERROR> winreg.HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, "AnyBody.AnyScript\shell\open\command" INTERNALERROR> FileNotFoundError: [WinError 2] Impossibile trovare il file specificato INTERNALERROR> INTERNALERROR> During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred: INTERNALERROR> INTERNALERROR> Traceback (most recent call last): INTERNALERROR> File "C:\Users\Jonathan Frassineti\Anaconda\lib\site-packages_pytest\", line 209, in wrap_session INTERNALERROR> config._do_configure() INTERNALERROR> File "C:\Users\Jonathan Frassineti\Anaconda\lib\site-packages_pytest\", line 645, in _do_configure INTERNALERROR> self.hook.pytest_configure.call_historic(kwargs=dict(config=self)) INTERNALERROR> File "C:\Users\Jonathan Frassineti\Anaconda\lib\site-packages\pluggy\", line 311, in call_historic INTERNALERROR> res = self._hookexec(self, self.get_hookimpls(), kwargs) INTERNALERROR> File "C:\Users\Jonathan Frassineti\Anaconda\lib\site-packages\pluggy\", line 87, in _hookexec INTERNALERROR> return self._inner_hookexec(hook, methods, kwargs) INTERNALERROR> File "C:\Users\Jonathan Frassineti\Anaconda\lib\site-packages\pluggy\", line 81, in INTERNALERROR> firstresult=hook.spec.opts.get("firstresult") if hook.spec else False, INTERNALERROR> File "C:\Users\Jonathan Frassineti\Anaconda\lib\site-packages\pluggy\", line 208, in _multicall INTERNALERROR> return outcome.get_result() INTERNALERROR> File "C:\Users\Jonathan Frassineti\Anaconda\lib\site-packages\pluggy\", line 80, in get_result INTERNALERROR> raise ex[1].with_traceback(ex[2]) INTERNALERROR> File "C:\Users\Jonathan Frassineti\Anaconda\lib\site-packages\pluggy\", line 187, in _multicall INTERNALERROR> res = hook_impl.function(*args) INTERNALERROR> File "C:\Users\Jonathan Frassineti\Anaconda\lib\site-packages\anypytools\", line 212, in pytest_configure INTERNALERROR> pytest.anytest.configure(config) INTERNALERROR> File "C:\Users\Jonathan Frassineti\Anaconda\lib\site-packages\anypytools\", line 71, in configure INTERNALERROR> self.ams_path = config.getoption("--anybodycon") or get_anybodycon_path() INTERNALERROR> File "C:\Users\Jonathan Frassineti\Anaconda\lib\site-packages\anypytools\", line 383, in get_anybodycon_path INTERNALERROR> raise WindowsError("Could not locate AnyBody in registry") INTERNALERROR> OSError: Could not locate AnyBody in registry.

Python error “ImportError: No module named”, To get rid of this error you just need to create in the appropriate directory and everything will work fine. To know more about this you  Fatal Python error: Py_Initialize: unable to load the file system codec ImportError: No module named 'encodings' Current thread 0x00001db4 (most recent call first): Fixing this is really simple: When you download Python3.x version, and run the .exe file, it gives you an option to customize where in your system you want to install Python.

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  • How are you running the code? What exact command do you use?
  • This error comes out when I run the file (F5).
  • Have you tried to install this module with pip? I remember having a similar issue with conda install before.
  • When I try to install it with pip, it shows this: (base) C:\Users\Jonathan Frassineti\Desktop>pip install hypothesis Requirement already satisfied: hypothesis in c:\users\jonathan frassineti\anaconda\lib\site-packages (4.36.2) Requirement already satisfied: attrs>=16.0.0 in c:\users\jonathan frassineti\anaconda\lib\site-packages (from hypothesis) (19.1.0)
  • How can I verify that?
  • I assume you already know the python version of conda, so go where you want to use pip, and try to find python version using "python -V" (uppercase V). check to see if those match. and try to use your IDLE and check the code.
  • Yeah, I found there are 2 versions of python, if I use the newest one Spyder recognize hypothesis luckily.
  • if you use windows, then you should check your environment variables, to see which version of python you use when you try pip.