Do I have a way to check the existence of a directory in Ant (not a file)?

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How do I check for the existence of a folder using Ant?

We can check the existence of a file, but can we do the same for a folder as well?

You use the available task with type set to "dir".

For example:

<available file="${dir}" type="dir"/>

The standard way to do conditional processing is with the condition task. In the example below, running doFoo will echo a message if the directory exists, whereas running doBar will echo a message unless the directory exists.

The dir.check target is required by both doFoo and doBar, it sets the dir.exists property to true or false depending on the result of the available task. The doFoo target will only run if that propery is set to true and doBar will only run if it is not set or set to false.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<project name="test" default="doFoo" basedir=".">
  <property name="directory" value="c:\test\directory"/>

  <target name="doFoo" depends="dir.check" if="dir.exists">
    <echo>${directory} exists</echo>

  <target name="doBar" depends="dir.check" unless="dir.exists">
    <echo>${directory} missing"</echo>

  <target name="dir.check">
    <condition property="dir.exists">
      <available file="${directory}" type="dir"/>

Antelope provides additional tasks, including an If task that can make the processing simpler (and to me, more intuitive), you can download the Antelope tasks from the download page.

How to check if directory exists before deleting it, using ANT?, When I execute it, however, I am informed that the build directory does not exist. I must tell Ant to create this directory and ensure that this is done before the Finally, I have to fix the test target as it no longer can find any bytecode files. as there are situations where Ant's way of recompiling gives a false positive, i.e. report  The type of file to look for, either a directory (type=dir) or a file (type=file). If not set, the property will be set if the name specified in the file attribute exists as either a file or a directory. No: ignoresystemclasses: Ignore Ant's runtime classes, using only the specified classpath. Only affects the classname attribute.

Here's a small example incorporating the available element into an if test.

<!-- Test if a directory called "my_directory" is present -->
  <available file="my_directory" type="dir" />
    <echo message="Directory exists" />
    <echo message="Directory does not exist" />

Warning: you need ant-contrib.jar in your ANT_HOME\lib directory otherwise you won't have access to the if elements, and your script will fail with this error:

Problem: failed to create task or type if
Cause: The name is undefined.
Action: Check the spelling.
Action: Check that any custom tasks/types have been declared.
Action: Check that any <presetdef>/<macrodef> declarations have taken place. 

Flexible, Reliable Software: Using Patterns and Agile Development, Make sure you have Ant installed and that the ant command is in your path Open the build.xml file and check if the properties listed under the heading Open a command window and navigate to the directory where you stored the build.xml file. 4. The easiest way to do this is to add the namespace definition to the root  The way this works is that you have to specify the environment variable BUILD_TARGET before you run the ant command. In my world, this variable will either be DEV, TEST, or PROD, and after today's change, if you want this script to run at all, you better have a corresponding file in your build directory named build.DEV, build.TEST, or build.PROD.

Here's my solution, which doesn't require setting properties and using targets with 'if' or 'unless':


<macrodef name="assertDirAvailable">
    <attribute name="dir" />
        <fail message="The directory '@{dir}' was expected to be available but is not">
                    <available file="@{dir}" type="dir" />


<assertDirAvailable dir="${dirToCheck}" />

EXist: A NoSQL Document Database and Application Platform, Check the coding conventions --> <target name="coding-style" For example, you need a way to call individual targets in the subordinate build from the by specifying a file at the command line, you would get an error, as follows: > ant -f directory "C:\AntBook\ch09\src\web\${build.web.root}" does not exist or is not a  To check directory existence we will again use stat structure. sys/stat.h header file defines a macro S_ISDIR(), used to check directory existence. The macro accepts stat.st_mode param and returns a non-zero integer if given file is a directory, otherwise zero. Program to check directory existence

Pro Apache Ant, How to make an Ant script fail gracefully if a property file doesn't exist I decided to add this safety check after showing other people how to message="The build properties file does not exist, can't build. better have a corresponding file in your build directory named build. Tip Your Barista (author)?. Create the folder if not exists in a specific file path with VBA code . Check if a folder exists in a file path, if not, to create it under this specific file path, the following VBA code may help you to finish this job. 1. Hold down the ALT + F11 keys to open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window. 2.

Here is another approach, allows to call just one task without using ant-contrib.jar.

<target name="my-task" depends="dir-check">
    <antcall target="my-task-install"/>
    <antcall target="my-task-update"/>
<target name="my-task-install" unless="dir.exists" >
    {some task}
<target name="my-task-update" if="dir.exists" >
    {another task}
<target name="dir-check">
    <condition property="dir.exists">
        <available file="my-dir" type="dir" />

How to make an Ant script fail gracefully if a property file doesn't exist, How. One. Firm. Effectively. Revises. the . retailers , must watch their lists very such as barbering , will have daily from return letters , letters from cusa yearly Name not in The manager of the department has directory , ” and “ Deceased . It certainly does not foster pleaspanies often check against this for proper ad - ant​  On the File menu, click Print, click Table Syle. Outlook prints a list of every file that is in that folder and includes the file size, date, and other attributes. If Print is not an available option on the File menu, you can use the Print icon button or follow these steps: On the File menu, click Page Setup.

The Magazine of Business, <present> —Select files that either do or do not exist in some other location <​signedselector> —Select files if they are signed, and optionally if they have a The <depth> tag selects files based on how many directory levels deep they are in To reduce the amount of checking, when using this task inside a <copy> task​,  Copies a file or resource collection to a new file or directory. By default, files are only copied if the source file is newer than the destination file, or when the destination file does not exist. However, you can explicitly overwrite files with the overwrite attribute. Resource collections are used to select a group of files to copy.

Selectors in Apache Ant, If you install Ant this way you usually get the most recent release of Ant at the time the IDE was released. Some of the ant-current-*.asc, Security file for checking the correctness of the zip file. This one Note: Do not install Ant's ant.jar file into the lib/ext directory of the JDK/JRE. Ant is an Buildfile: build.xml does not exist! On Windows it would be easy to find the correct folder -- ANT_HOME is the folder, where the installation is stored and looks like C:\Program Files\Apache Ant (or simply the parent directory of the folder with the Ant binaries). How to find out the correct path for ANT_HOME in a Linux system (e.g. Ubuntu Server)?

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  • But this will set a property value to true. Then how should I check the condition. I mean any "if"?
  • Why the verification dir.check is after doFoo and doBar? shouldn't be the other way? @Rich Seller
  • @MiguelOrtiz the declaration order doesn't matter, execution depends only on depends attributes. I think it's cleaner to put so to speak "public" targets on top, and "private" utility targets at the bottom
  • @CoderinoJavarino ty, it's clear now.
  • I like the simplicity and expressiveness of this solution. It was worth the extra heavy lifting to get ant-contrib.jar installed.
  • Nice! Avoids ant-contrib.jar which is a good thing. Keeps it declarative rather than procedural.
  • Correction though: it should be ${artifactDir} not @{artifactDir}.
  • I copied that usage example from an actual build script of mine where artifactDir was an attribute in a macrodef. I've changed the usage example to the possibly more common case of passing a parameter rather than a macrodef attribute. Thanks!
  • 5+ years later, I think doCustomize should have been doMagic.