Return a value from a Named Range/Formula (ERROR 1004, 2015, or 13)

I am having trouble returning a value from a Named Formula in Excel VBA (a simple Named Range works as expected).

Steps to Recreate
  1. Blank workbook
  2. Create the Named Range/Formula rowOffset equal to:

  3. rowOffset evaluates as expected (equal to 1)

However, I have been unable to figure out how to return the value of rowOffset inside of VBA.

Sample Code With Errors
'##Sheet1 module##
Sub test()
    'ERROR 1004: application-defined or object-defined error
    Debug.Print Me.Range("rowOffset").Value
    'Returns formula
    Debug.Print Me.Names("rowOffset").Value
    'ERROR 2015 in Immediate window
    Debug.Print Application.Evaluate(Me.Names("rowOffset"))
    'ERROR 13: type mismatch
    Debug.Print Application.Evaluate(Me.Names("rowOffset").Value)
End Sub

Why doesn't the above code work in this specific situation, but does work for a Named Range with the definition =$A$1 (the value of A1 is returned, as expected)?

EDIT: Thanks to Simoco for the (very simple!) answer. One trip through the locals window and I should have been able to figure this out on my own! haha.

First of all, interesting question!

Woking code:

Debug.Print Evaluate("rowOffset")(1)


Debug.Print Join(Evaluate("rowOffset"))


Debug.Print Evaluate("INDEX(rowOffset,1)")


Debug.Print [INDEX(rowOffset,1)]

Why Debug.Print Evaluate("rowOffset") is not working? The reason is because ROW() actually returns array with one element rather than single value, i.e. {1}, and all you need is to take it's first element or concatenate array using Join.

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It looks like the following answer should give you the details needed to get it done. Surprised there's not something simpler, but hope it helps!

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Formula = "=IF(" Application-defined or object-defined error, Excel VBA: Return a value from a Named Range/Formula (ERROR 1004, 2015, or 13) - vba. Are you evaluating the entire named range or just the relative reference? I just tested your formula as is and got #Value because Networkdays is looking for a one to one comparison. level 2

Thanks this helped me. I changed




This allows user to access named ranges that have no cell address within the speadsheet.

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  • ohhhhhhhhhhh. I did not realize that ROW returns an Array. Huh.
  • Thanks. That addresses the specific example of the problem but not the problem itself. I dumbed it down a little so as to be easily presented, and that answer doesn't really help what I'm actually doing (not your fault as you have no way of knowing that).