How do I check if all elements in a list are equal?

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This is what I got so far, but it is only comparing the first element with the second element. So if I evaluate this ?(check ‘(a a a a)) it should return true but if I evaluate ?(check ‘(a a a b)) it should return Nil

(defun check (lista)
((null lista)'())
((equal (car lista)(cadr lista))cdr lista)
(t(check (cdr lista)))))

Python, Start a for loop and check if first element is identical to all other elements in the list. This approach takes O(n) time complexity. Check if all elements are same using list.count () count () returns the occurrence count of given element in the list. Let’s call the count () function of list with firts element of list as argument. If its occurrence count is equal to the length of list, then it means all elements in list are Same i.e. '''.

I am not sure if this the most idiomatic way but I would start with something like this

CL-USER> (let* ((list '(a a a a))
                (first-element (first list)))
           (every (lambda (x) (equal x first-element)) list))
CL-USER> (let* ((list '(a a a b))
                (first-element (first list)))
           (every (lambda (x) (equal x first-element)) list))

Python, General method: def checkEqual1(iterator): iterator = iter(iterator) try: first = next(​iterator) except StopIteration: return True return all(first == rest for rest in iterator). if all elements are the same, they must all be equal to first element (unless list is empty) just iterate and check it – sodik Mar 26 '15 at 20:48 2 You need return flag; in your code at the very least.

Exercises aside, the most concise form to check this would be

(every #'eql list (rest list))

Every takes a function and applies it to one element of each of the following sequences, which may be any number that the function accepts. So, this invocation compares each two consecutive elements.

Check if all elements in a list are identical, Python - Check if all elements in a List are same False print("All elements are not equal") break else: result = True if result: print("All elements  while check(my_list): for item in my_list: if condition: item[2] = 1 else: do_sth() Actually, I wanted to remove an element in my_list as I iterated over it, but I'm not allowed to remove items as I iterate over it.

Python - Check if all elements in a List are same, If the total count of occurrences of an element (first element as per above code) in the list is the same as the length of the list, all the elements in the list are equal. Primarily, the variable first is assigned the value of the first element of the list, and the rest is the list of all other elements except the first one. Then to the_same tuple are added the True or False values, depending on whether the next element of the rest list is equal to the first element of the input list.

[3 Methods] Check if all Elements in List are Same in Python, The mission requires from you to write a function that will determine whether all array elements have the same value. 1. One of the first  all.equal (x, y) is a utility to compare R objects x and y testing ‘near equality’. If they are different, comparison is still made to some extent, and a report of the differences is returned. Do not use all.equal directly in if expressions---either use isTRUE (all.equal (.)) or identical if appropriate.

Determining if all Elements in a List are the Same in Python, First, it's true that for all elements to be equal, they all have to equal the first element. Let's take advantage of that in a loop: ? 1. 2. 3. This article deals with the task of ways to check if two unordered list contains exact similar elements in exact similar position, i.e to check if two lists are exactly equal. This is quite a useful utility and can be used in day-day programming. Method 1 : Using list.sort () and == operator sort () coupled with == operator can achieve this task.

  • Please check the indentation and the syntax of your code. In the second cond a pair of parenthesis are missing, I guess.
  • The parenthesis missing are in the cdr lista,adding the parenthesis will request for cdr lista be a lambda expression.
  • Thanks for the answer, I will use this as reference when I get to the point of using lambda expressions, I don't really understand lambda expressions yet