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I'm following this example for connecting to the Bing Maps geocode service:


About half way down the page, it explains how to add a service reference in Visual Studio 2010, which I was able to do successfully. Then it says to add "using GeoCode.GeoCodeService", but when I do, I get an error saying "The type or namespace 'GeoCode' could not be found"

Am I doing something wrong. The steps are pretty simple and nothing gave an error. What else do I need to do in order to access the service?

When you added the service reference, you gave it a class name. Have a look in your solution explorer to see what you called it, and then you have to instantiate that class to use the service.

Windows Phone 7 Programming for Android and iOS Developers, Visual Studio 2010 Express automatically generates proxy classes for the referenced Use the following steps to add a service reference to a WP7 project: 1. Adding Reference of the Web Service in Visual Studio 1. Right click the project in Solution Explorer and choose Add Service Reference option from the context menu. 2.

After you added a Reference using your WSDL URL:

Under Solution, under Service References, right click on your Service Reference folder that you want to reference (example: com.gold.services.description1)

Select View in Object Browser. You will see the class name in the Object Browser window that will open up. (example: GoldWeb.com.gold.services.description1)

Copy and paste the class name into your code.


using GoldWeb.com.gold.services.description1;

Then you are ready to start using its classes.

Pro Windows Phone App Development, In the AdventureWorks service, the interface has a method named created, use the WCF Service Configuration Editor tool in the Visual Studio Tools menu Visual Studio 2010, you can generate a proxy class for the remote service using the  A reference is essentially an entry in a project file that contains the information that Visual Studio needs to locate the component or the service. To add a reference, right click on the References or Dependencies node in Solution Explorer and choose Add Reference. You can also right-click on the project node and select Add > Reference.

I seen this happen, when a service may be added to one project and is being back referenced in another project. For instance, the main project has the service reference, but library code, that's is reference in the main project, tries to instantiate the webservice. This is a circular/backreference and you can't add the namespace of the main project back into the library project, since the library project is already reference into the main project. I know this seem obvious, but in really big projects, it's easy to get lost to where you're at in code.

Beginning Windows Phone 7 Development, Specifically, using Rx.NET, you will build a small real-time weather a publicly available weather web service located at www.webservicex.net/WCF/Default.​aspx to Launch Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone and create a new  For adding the reference of ArthimaticClassLibrary to the SampleMvcApplication by project reference approach, right Click on SampleMvcApplication and select the Add Reference option. In the dialog, expand the Solution option in left pane, click on projects and select the ArthimaticClassLibrary project and click on Ok as shown in the below snap.

Description of Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1, This website requires users to log in by using a Visual Studio Subscription account if you try to Atlas IntelliSense is not present when script manager has a ServiceReference http path. Windows Phone Developer Tools. Copy the downloaded DLL file in a custom folder on your dev drive, then add the reference to your project using the Browse button in the Add Reference dialog. Be sure that the new reference has the Copy Local = True. The Add Reference dialog could be opened right-clicking on the References item in your project in Solution Explorer

Using Add Service Reference with OData services after installing , Using Add Service Reference with OData services after installing Windows have Visual Studio 2012 installed AND; installed Windows Phone  In the solution explorer pane, right click on the project that you would like to add the Service to: Then, you can enter the path to your service WSDL and hit go: 2. To create it via the command line: Open a VS 2010 Command Prompt (Programs -> Visual Studio 2010 -> Visual Studio Tools) Then execute: WSDL /verbose C:\path\to\wsdl

Dealing with WCF Error: Cannot create a service reference with , If you get the above error when trying to add a WCF service on disk, even though you deleted the reference in Visual Studio. commenting out  Add a reference In Solution Explorer, right-click on the References or Dependencies node and choose Add Reference. You can also right-click on the project node and select Add > Reference. Reference Manager opens and lists the available references by group.

  • That's what I tried, but I don't see anything. I added the URL for the service in the address box (dev.virtualearth.net/webservices/v1/geocodeservice/…), then I typed in "GeoCodeService" in the Namespace box. In solution explorer I see Properties, Services, then Service References. Under Service References I see GeoCodeService (same as what I typed into the namespace box earlier). But I can't create an instance of GeoCodeService.
  • You may need to build your solution first. Then try a simple line such as GeoCodeService svc = new GeoCodeService() and see if that works.
  • Also... If GeoCodeService is a namespace, you may need to do something like GeoCodeService.GeoCodeServiceService svc = new ..... () or put the namespace into your using directive at the top of the source file.
  • I rebuilt the solution, but it still doesn't work. Says "the type or namespace GeoCodeService cannot be found". I'm using Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone. As far as I know, this is the only version that you can use to develop phone apps, so I can't imagine that it would be a limitation of Visual Studio Express.
  • My namespace was off and intellisense didn't show it earlier because I hadn't build the solution. After building the solution, I clicked on the service in solution explorer and clicked "view in object browser" and it showed me the correct namespace
  • Thanks very much for this answer! This was frustrating me out of all proportion to its importance.