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The image does not appear in a mobile browser. It does show up on a regular browser (PC) or on inspect element (mobile view), but it does not show on a real phone.

Direct link:

The problematic image:


<div class="image_wrap">
        <img src="img/about/600x600.jpg" alt="" />
        <div class="main" data-img-url="img/about/1.jpg"></div>


.tomer_tm_hero_header_wrap .image_wrap{
    width: 200px;
    height: 200px;
    display: inline-block;
    margin-bottom: 38px;
    position: relative;
    .tomer_tm_hero_header_wrap .image_wrap .main{
        position: absolute;
        top: 8px;
        bottom: -8px;
        left: 8px;
        right: -8px;
        background-repeat: no-repeat;
        background-size: cover;
        background-position: center;
        border-radius: 100%;
    .tomer_tm_hero_header_wrap .image_wrap img{
        min-width: 100%;
        border-radius: 100%;
        border: 8px solid rgb(227, 135, 45);

Why just don't you substitute that:

<div class="main" data-img-url="img/about/1.jpg"></div>


<img class="main" src="img/about/1.jpg" alt="me" />

And dont forget do add position: relative to the .image_wrap class so that your .main stays absolute to the parent element and not the whole page.

Image not showing up on mobile devices, Why just don't you substitute that: <div class="main" data-img-url="img/about/1.​jpg"></div>. with: <img class="main" src="img/about/1.jpg"  An authentication-required image may show up on your web browser but not on your mobile devices because your web browser saves browser cookies containing your authentication credentials, while your mobile device cannot save these cookies. Thus, on your mobile devices the images will not display.

Try use background: url(img/about/1.jpg) in css in .tomer_tm_hero_header_wrap .image_wrap .main instead of using data-img-url

Some images not showing in mobile browser (but showing in , Image types have different limitations: JPG images can be up to 32 decoded be 3 decoded MP, while other iOS devices are limited to 5 decoded MP. show in my computer but they would not show on any mobile browser. If it's a sharepoint image, then PowerApps is unable to display those images on your iOS or Android device without the proper authentication. The reason why it may appear on your web browser is because you may already have those authentication tokens stored on your web browser as a cookie.

Not sure what the issue is but when I go to your site,, on two different devices (iPhone XR and Galaxy S9) your image shows up. When I go to your fiddle page it doesn't... I did however notice on the fiddle that you have some CSS pointing to an SVG and I don't see that in your HMTL which could be messing with some of your styles. Just a heads up.

Images not showing on mobile devices, I have tried this gallery on IOS and android devices. When the page is loaded through a mobile phone the images do not show up. If I resize my  If an image is included that is larger than the maximum size, the image will not load. Image types have different limitations: JPG images can be up to 32 decoded megapixels, while PNG, GIF and TIFF can be up to 3 - 5 decoded megapixels (depending on device). The maximum size for PNG, GIF and TIFF varies due to the RAM on the device.

This is an addition to the answer provided by Marco Escaleira.

I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve by using a div with a data-img-url? Are you using JS to replace the div with a valid html element? If you are we need to see the rendered html. If not see the answer below.

The only reason I can think to do this is to handle a responsive image issue or to have a background image that you can position properly. Both of those cases are better serve with cleaner more semantic HTML and they would become accessible.

1: responsive image using

In this case you would use a picture tag with image source sets. This would allow you to swap the image based on the size required per device and provide you with a new element that you can position. The benefit of this is you get a working fallback and can use webp and jpg / png for performance enhancements.

2: needing a new element to position

In this case I would recommend using a sudo selector such as ::after or :: before. You can then use css to inject the image as a background and position it where you like. This will solve an accessibility issue as the image (which I am assuming is for presentation only) will no longer be picked up by assistive devices.

For more info I'd recomend looking at It's a great rundown on responsive images.

Topic: Images don't show up on mobile devices, aren't showing up anymore on mobile devices (both iOS and Android images not being displayed are those from 'Fullwidth image' module,  Check out how Hubspot's page cover image looks on mobile… As you know, Facebook does like to change things up fairly often & the way your cover images show up on mobile is no exception. Even Facebook itself doesn't recommend the proper dimensions for your image to show up correctly on across mobile and desktop. However, using the dimensions

You can just use a normal image like this:

<img class="main" src="img/about/1.jpg" alt="me"/>

Or you set the image inside the div with the "main" class like this:

<div class="main"><img class="main" src="img/about/1.jpg" alt="me"/></div>

How to fix pictures NOT showing in mobile devices with WordPress , Hey there, community! So I have a weird issue I'm trying to crack on Background images with my Wordpress site are not  The images display as a red X with a message that suggests the images have been removed or cannot be found; The images do not appear, but there is a 'Click to download message' at the top of the email received in Outlook; The images display a white box with a black border, on a forward / reply mail in Outlook Troubleshooting

Images not showing up on certain mobile devices, If it's not fixed, it would help even more if you specify the exact page, panel/​section on the page, background image, device you are testing, and  The picture was not in any large dimensions or otherwise abnormal. To solve this I simply put my picture asset into a drawable subfolder instead of having it in the main drawable folder. E.g from res/drawable to res/drawable-mdpi worked for me. If you have a picture to use for everything not having a specific dpi, put it into res/drawable-nodpi.

Container Background Image is not showing on mobile devices , The images that I enable for the background on the one page portfolio do not the testimonials are, the background only shows up partway through that section. a fixed image as background but, on mobile devices, either it does not appear​  (By this, I mean that the image will be resized proportionately so that the picture will not appear too thin or fat as its width shrinks or expands.) The following example image (taken from my BlueGriffon 1 tutorial) uses the above rules. The picture has a default width of 394 pixels and a height of 187 pixels, but its width is constrained to

Background images not working on mobile device, Hi, I'm new to Moka, it is really cool. My problem is that images work well in laptop browser, but not showing in mobile devices (iphone & ipad). On Mobile Devices: Hide the DESKTOP content and show the MOBILE content While that might seem a bit intimidating it’s actually pretty easy to do. Just a few lines of CSS in a few places will show and hide different content.

  • What mobile browser are you using?
  • it appears in chrome tools (iphone X compatibility view)
  • I'm using chrome on mobile. It does show up when I'm using chrome tools but not on mobile.
  • If you try it through your mobile so it really won't show up. But it appears in chrome tools. That's weird.
  • I suggest to post the rest of your CSS code (i.e. what you call "media queries") here in the question and not as a JS fiddle's HTML code (!!??), and also add the HTML code...
  • I think it's not related to the question, but thanks!