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I have a string number as below. When i add 1 to it, it changes to a scientific representation instead of a real number and also doesnot increment to the next number. Any reason why its not incrementing?

I want 4600004722057511 to become 4600004722057512


Number is 4600004722057501 After adding 1 to it it becomes 4.6000047220575E+15

$val = $list[0]->getNextNumber();

use bcmath for high numbers

$val = $list[0]->getNextNumber();
$val = bcadd( $val, 1 ); // here you add 1 to a very high number

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You can try with add "(int)" your code

$val = (int)$list[0]->getNextNumber();

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Try this:

    $val = (float)$list[0]->getNextNumber();

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since PHP treat number as number, it won't be a problem, but if you want to display its value somewhere, cast it to string

$val = $list[0]->getNextNumber()+1;
$val = (string)$val

Inserting the Next Consecutive Integer in Excel, Creating a list of consecutive numbers is one of the easiest ways to create unique Of course, manually typing the next consecutive integer is easy, but it's not a dynamic, sequential list that can change when you adjust the original number. You can choose to change the number immediately, when your next billing period starts, or any other time within the next 30 days. The number change will occur at midnight (EST) on the selected day, unless you choose today, in which case it should happen immediately.

Try This

$val =$list[0]->getNextNumber();

If it not works, show your full code (might be a problem in function code).

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  • Looks like $val is a floating point number. Your question/code indicates that you expect it to be an integer.
  • I just want it to become 4600004722057512 from 4600004722057511
  • Please extract and provide a minimal reproducible example. Also, as a new user here, take the tour and read How to Ask. That said, you might be hitting numeric range limits for integers of your PHP implementation.
  • @user3855851 take a look at my answer.
  • Did you check what data type have returns this line $list[0]->getNextNumber() with using var_dumb(), then you can recognise how handle that value.
  • var_dump($list[0]->getNextNumber()) returns null
  • (float)$list[0]->getNextNumber() returns 4.6000047220575E+15 (float)$list[0]->getNextNumber()+1 also returns 4.6000047220575E+15 So +1 never increments it further