How to change default browser with VS Code's "open with live server"?

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It defaults to my safari but would like to change it to chrome. I looked in preferences, but there doesn't seem to be an option for that. Any ideas?

Go to Files > Prefrences > Settings

From Default User settings choose LiveServer Config

Inside it click on pen icon to the left on liveServer.settings.CustomBrowser select chrome.

How to change default browser with VS Code's "open with live , Windows actively "protects" the default app settings from change by anything but the end user. Reference. The end user will need to change the default browser  To change which browser Visual Studio launches, simply right-click any web form (.aspx file) and select Browse With: Select the browser you want as your default and click Set as Default : Now you can just cancel out of this windows and press F5 or CTRL+F5 to have Visual Studio launch the website in the browser of your choice.

This is how I did it on MacOS (you have to hit the gear, then select "Configure Extension Settings")

vs code: How to set chrome as the default browser instead of Edge , Queries Solved:- 1)set default web browser 2)How to set default web browser in VS Code 3 Duration: 2:18 Posted: Mar 6, 2019 I'll chat with them and get some details and maybe a write-up of how they did it. So, while I encourage you to enjoy my tale below, go get the World of VS Default Browser Switcher now! I've heard and seen lots of complaints about how it's hard to set the default browser that Visual Studio launches when you launch a debug session for a website.

You can do it in 2 steps:- 1) In package.json under scripts section create a key value as "devserver": "live-server --browser=Chrome". 2) In terminal run npm run devserver This will open application in chrome.

How to set default web browser in VS Code || set default , Now with the attached tasks.json file in the .settings folder I am able to view the active file in my default web browser by simply pressing Ctrl + Shift  ASP.NET Core VSCode Debugging CodeProject. This post is about launching different browsers from VSCode, while debugging ASP.NET Core. By default when debugging an ASP.NET Core, VS Code will launch default browser. There is way to choose the browser you would like to use. Here is the code snippet which will add different debug configuration to

  1. Go into settings. Shortcut: hold command then comma on mac.
  2. In the top search bar search: liveServer.settings.CustomBrowser
  3. You will see: Live Server > Settings: Custom Browser
  4. In the drop down menu select whatever browser you want e.g. chrome or chrome:PrivateMode etc..


  1. Open settings.json file
  2. Type or copy and paste the following in the next line: "liveServer.settings.CustomBrowser": "chrome"
  3. Make sure that there is a comma after the code in the previous line.


"editor.formatOnSave": true,
"liveServer.settings.CustomBrowser": "chrome"

Launch default browser from Visual Studio Code, I'm using VS Code version 1.38.1 for macOS and I'd like to make Chrome my default I want to keep Safari as my default browser when I'm not using Code. My daily routine at work is to open a given set of applications(either manually or  Launch urls and attach Debugger for Chrome to the browser view instance, and debug within VS Code. Attach Chrome DevTools via chrome://inspect Option to set the default startUrl via browser-preview.startUrl Option to set the path to the chrome executable via browser-preview.chromeExecutable

If you are using the live server extension it has this setting:


To change your system's default browser. Default value is "Null" [String, not null]. (It will open your system's default browser.) Available Options : chrome chrome:PrivateMode firefox firefox:PrivateMode microsoft-edge

Make Chrome default browser for VS Code only? : vscode, So I know you can go to user settings and if you want to make chrome your default you just go "open-in-browser.default": "chrome" but is there an option for edge  I need to view the current HTML file in my default browser from inside Visual Studio Code (VS Code). Solution: Configure a task in tasks.json to open the current file. Explanation: I was recently working through a git tutorial where I was writing a lot of HTML. The Zen Coding support in VS Code allowed me to crank out the HTML very quickly

How to set your default browser as Microsoft Edge? : vscode, Extension for Visual Studio Code - This allows you to open the current you do not need to set opn-in-browser.default a very accurate value,  Select the Start button, and then type Default apps. In the search results, select Default apps. Under Web browser, select the browser currently listed, and then select Microsoft Edge or another browser.

open in browser, This is a reminder of how to change the default browser used when launching a website in Visual Studio. To set or change the org that you’re developing against, in the VS Code footer, click the org’s name or the plug icon (). Then, select a different org, or choose SFDX: Set a Default Orgto authorize a new org. Or, open the command palette and run SFDX: Authorize an Orgor SFDX: Create a Default Scratch Org.

Set default web browser for Visual Studio, By default when debugging an ASP.NET Core, VS Code will launch default browser. There is way to choose the browser you would like to use.

  • this solution in working to open application by default on chrome terminal. But can we do some setting in IDE itself?
  • In old version of VS code task configuration works but for newer version you have to install Open in Browser extension from the marketplace. For Reference