How to set characters limit in UILabel Xcode?

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How to set 200 characters limit in UILabel Xcode?

Please see attached the screenshot.

I want to display at least 200 characters limit.

How to set characters limit in UILabel Xcode?, Swift 3.0. You can limit your text in label using var textOnLabel = "your text" if(​textOnLabel.characters.count > 200){ textOnLabel  If you have a UITextField or UITextView and want to stop users typing in more than a certain number of letters, you need to set yourself as the delegate for the control then implement either shouldChangeCharactersIn (for text fields) or shouldChangeTextIn (for text views).

You can limit the UILabel to 200 character and than Truncate the label

NSString *tempstring = "LabelValue";
if ([tempstring length] > 200) {
    NSRange range = [tempstring rangeOfComposedCharacterSequencesForRange:(NSRange){0, 200}];
    tempstring = [tempstring substringWithRange:range];
    tempstring = [tempstring stringByAppendingString:@"…"];
Label.text = tempstring;

UILabel, To remove any maximum limit, and use as many lines as needed, set the value of this property to 0 . If you constrain your text using this property, the label  This property is nil by default.. Assigning a new value to this property also replaces the value of the text property with the same string data, although without any formatting information.

Try with to set number of lines 0 of UILabel.

If your Label will not showing complete text then you have to reduce the font or increase height of label if possible space exist.

numberOfLines, Objective-C#. UILabel * label = [[UILabel alloc] init]; NSString *message = @"​Some dynamic text for label"; //set the  Set numberOfLines to 0 to allow for any number of lines. label.numberOfLines = 0; Update the label frame to match the size of the text using sizeWithFont:. If you don't do this your text will be vertically centered or cut off. UILabel *label; // set frame to largest size you want

Swift 4:

yourLabel.text = yourString.prefix(200)

iOS, ios documentation: UILabel. UILabel.numberOfLines: Int // get or set the maximum number of lines the label can Xcode will display errors if it is done improperly. Char Wrapping - wrapping occurs before the first character that doesn't fit  To reduce the font size, set the adjustsFontSizeToFitWidth property to true and set the minimumScaleFactor property to a value between 0 and 1. The latter of these properties represents how much smaller than the requested font size the label scales the text.

iOS - UILabel, Using the above extension you can set the attributedText of a UILabel with an attributed string that will display all the characters at the specified  Character Number Limit. Only allowing up to a given number of characters is probably the most common requirement I get when working with text fields. You can do it using one of the text field’s delegate methods: func textField(_ textFieldToChange: UITextField, shouldChangeCharactersIn range: NSRange, replacementString string: String) -> Bool

Swift UILabel Extension for setting attributedText with specified , If you have a UITextField or UITextView and want to stop users typing in more than a certain number of letters, you need to set yourself as the  In this Xcode tutorial I will be showing you how change the text which appears in a UILabel programmatically rather than via using the Interface Builder in Xcode 4.

How to limit the number of characters in a UITextField or UITextView , Thanks for watching! Be sure to subscribe and recommend future videos. :) Subscribe to my Duration: 7:24 Posted: Aug 14, 2015 The !character at the end of UILabel means the label variable referred UI component must be available, the opposite character is ?which means the UI component is optional. @IBOutlet weak var label: UILabel! @IBAction is used to decorate a ViewController class’s method as an action method. It can has two method parameters, one refer to the

  • @ Anne For which label you want to set characters limit ?..And secondly user cannot give input to UILabel, so why do you want to set limit for a label ?
  • You have to reduce the font size / increase the number of lines of the UILabel.
  • I did. But it doesn't work. Reduce the font size + increase the number of lines of the UILabel using storyboard. The word, God can open doors in your life that you never thought would open. Trust his plan, in his timing he will open the right doors. It should be shown in our App. :)
  • I see. How about in Objective-C? :)
  • Ok. let me know :)
  • Why don't you just set the text of the label to itself if its length exceeds 200 instead of setting its subset?