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My Mysql server on MAMP won't start. This is the error:

161224 00:15:00 mysqld_safe Logging to '/Applications/MAMP/logs/mysql_error_log.err'. 161224 00:15:00 mysqld_safe Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /Applications/MAMP/db/mysql56 161224 00:15:01 mysqld_safe mysqld from pid file /Applications/MAMP/tmp/mysql/ ended

I already tried the following commands:

> ps aux | grep mysql
> lsof -i
> sudo killall -9 mysqld

But the server is still not working.

Help ?

Remove the files ib_logfileN (N being the number) from the MAMP/db/mysql56 folder.

Then restart MAMP.

Should Work!!

Edit: If the above step doesn't work completely, please remove the ibdata<n> file as well, based on the comments.

How To Fix MySQL Server Won't Start - MAMP Windows, In this video I show you how to fix your MySQL Server when it won't start with MAMP on Windows Duration: 2:42 Posted: 31 Jul 2019 Fast answers on! Find mysql online server. Content updated daily for mysql online server.

I am working on oS-X (Mac), I was wondering around and came to see this post which help me a lot. Many readers are being able to solve this problem thanks to the amazing here are the step to fix it out--

This issue generally occur due to explicitly closing of MAMP serves.

  1. Quit MAMP.
  2. In the finder go to Applications/MAMP/db/mysql/
  3. Delete the last log file (look for a file named ib_logfileN – being N the log number Eg-ib_logfile0 and ib_logfile1) we can see in below image.

  1. Please back up these before you delete them.
  2. Restart MAMP.

It Worked for me, hope will work for you too..

Dealing with MAMP Failing to Start and Stop MySQL on Windows , MAMP fails to start and stop MySQL on Windows when the Start Servers or Stop Servers Duration: 2:22 Posted: 28 Feb 2019 Recreate the folder and a subfolder: mkdir tmp; mkdir tmp/mysql. Now start mysql from MAMP. I think it's possible the socket lock file (tmp/mysql/mysql.sock.lock) gets corrupted and needs to be regenerated.

I killed the process mysqlid via Activity Monitor on MacOS and restarted MAMP and MySql run successfully.

Update: Even this solution works without restarting MAMP.

Mysql not starting in MAMP- Quick fix, Quick fix when mysql doesnt start. Mysql not starting in MAMP- Quick fix. Rigo De La Torre Duration: 1:52 Posted: 23 Jan 2019 MAMP MySQL Server Won’t Start Quit MAMP. You may have to force quit when this happens as it does not shut down correctly. To show any MySQL processes currently running, open Terminal and from the command prompt run the command below. pgrep Next, kill the MySQL processes by running the command

MySQL Server will not start – MAMP GmbH, up if there is other security software running on your system that manages application access to various parts of the file system. In this case, reconfigure that software to enable mysqld to access the directories it uses during normal operation. Fixing MySQL Server When It Won’t Start with MAMP For those of you that have installed and use MAMP for development. Sooner or later you are bound to run into an error with MySQL Server. One day you’ll start up MAMP and the light next to MySQL Server will not turn green, signifying it is ready and online.

In some cases it may possible that the MySQL is already running on 3306 port. So, you can change the port number with 3307.

P.S: If you are bound to use 3306 in that case I think you can stop existing MySql server and let MAMP to do it for you. Troubleshooting Problems Starting the MySQL Server, Open the Activity Monitor located in your /Applications/Utilities folder. Type "mysqld" into the search field on the top right. Quit every process you find after your search. Restart MAMP PRO. FIX: MAMP MySQL server won’t start, a usual MAMP headache Quit MAMP Open the terminal and type: killall -9 mysqld Restart MAMP

Servers and Services > MySQL, The most common problem with MySQL Server not starting is another mysql service running on the same port. To check this. Quit MAMP PRO. Quit MAMP app. Launch the Activity Monitor app from the Utilities folder of your Applications folder, or use Spotlight to find it. Type mysqld into the search field on the top right. Quit every process you find after your search. Launch MAMP and click the Start Servers button.

How to start MySQL server on windows xp, I am using MAMP 4.1 on Windows 10 and cannot get MySQL server to start. When I uninstalled MAMP and re-installed it MySQL server starts  You need to leave the mysql database AS IS. Uninstall and reinstall MAMP Pro. For every WP instance that you want to have on your server (localhost), you need to create a NEW database that is not mysql. Go into SequelPro and add database.

MySQL will not start – MAMP GmbH, On my macOS devices I use MAMP app by appsolute GmbH for local web development. So far, this is the perfect… Click both Set to default Apache and MySQL ports and Reset MAMP buttons then OK. Quit MAMP. Delete all files (not folders) from /Applications/MAMP/db/mysql directory. Reboot MAMP and click Start Servers. Note: if MySQL starts fine but Apache doesn't, go back to Preferences and set Apache Port back to what it was before. MAMP should refresh after you click OK and both Apache and MySQL should start.

  • this and this?
  • Logging to '/Applications/MAMP/logs/mysql_error_log.err' ← find anything here?
  • This worked for me, I had two log files to delete. ib_logfile1 and ib_logfile2 also, I killed all the sql processes that were running in the background. ps -ax | grep 'sql' and then kill 12345 where 12345 is the id associated with the respective process. also, in my particular case, my folder was just named MAMP/db/mysql not mysql156
  • Works like a charm. Thanks mate!
  • Workkkkss! If on a Mac and using MAMP PRO the path to find these little devils is: /Library/Application Support/appsolute/MAMP PRO/db/mysql56
  • Works! BUT WHY?
  • this cause another issue for me, it says "table doesn't exist" but they are visible. :(…
  • Worked for me! Thanks.
  • Worked for me, too
  • Did the job for me too!