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I have the below data and I want to add a 1 to each of the quarters (i.e. push the quarter ahead by 1 quarter)

I can do d$quarter + 1 but this gives me quarter 4 as "quarter 5". How can I roll over quarter 4 to quarter 1 of the next year?



    dates <- sample(seq(as.Date('2005/01/01'), as.Date('2010/01/01'), by="day"), 1000)
    x_var <- rnorm(1000)

    d <- data.frame(dates, x_var) %>%
      mutate(quarter = quarter(dates),
             year = year(dates))

You can use modulo 4 to have 4 as 0 without changing 1 to 3 then add 1:

d <- data.frame(dates, x_var) %>% mutate(quarter = (quarter(dates)%%4)+1, year = year(dates))

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Do it on the dates column instead

d$nextquarter <- d$dates + months(3)

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d2 <- d %>%  mutate(new_date = dates %m+% months(3)) %>% 
  mutate(quarter2 = quarter(new_date),
         year2 = year(new_date)) 

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