Printing a list on a new line

I have a list that i call a function on to make it print out the list in lexicographic order. Lexicographic is basically a sort() which isn't important but I want this list sorted in a new line with every entry. Right now it just prints like

['(011)', '(022)', '(040)', '(04344)', '(044)', '(04546)', '(0471)', '(080)', '(0821)'] 

when i want


I tried using a for loop but that made it worse. I tried

print (lexicographic(uniquelist), sep = '\n') 

but that didn't change anything. I even tried making a new empty list and appending but that didn't go anywhere the new line feature works without the function "lexicographic" call.

print(lexicographic(uniquelist), sep = '\n')


expected this but sorted lexicographically and on a new line

There are two ways you can do what you like:

uniques = ['(04344)', '(080)', '(044)', '(011)',
           '(0821)', '(022)', '(040)', '(0471)',

# Join with new lines and print

# A classic loop, nothing wrong with this
for item in sorted(uniques):

Output is:


If you do not want the parens,

for item in sorted(uniques):

Printing list elements on separated lines in Python, print("\n".join(sys.path)). (The outer parentheses are included for Python 3 compatibility and are usually omitted in Python 2.). Teams. Q&A for Work. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

Within your lexographic function, try doing

for l in lexographically_sorted_list:
    print (l)

Printing Lists Using Python, The sep argument tells how to separate each of the printed outputs, relying on a newline character in this case. Click Run Cell. Python outputs the list one item at � My search through the previous posts yields methods to print all the values of the list on a single line, but that's not what I want. I feel like there is an easy, pretty way to do this. I think it's possible to hack it up using while loops and some ugly slicing, but hopefully I'm missing something I don't see why you think that's an ugly hack.

If you just want to print each element of your list on one line, you can use: [print(elt) for elt in list]

Here one example which also remove brackets:

list = ['(0821)', '(011)', '(080)', '(022)',  '(04344)', '(040)', '(044)', '(04546)', '(0471)', ]

# sort 

# Print each element per line
[print(elt[1:-1]) for elt in list]
# 011
# 022
# 040
# 04344
# 044
# 04546
# 0471
# 080
# 0821

Hope that help !

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  • Are you saying that when you call print(lexicographic(uniquelist), sep = '\n') you do not get the list items, one per line, in sorted order?
  • yes I get the lexicographic order but not in new line ['(011)', '(022)', '(040)', '(04344)', '(044)', '(04546)', '(0471)', '(080)', '(0821)'] this what i get
  • Somehow, using just a sort fixed and matches with the lexicographic order so I guess i don't need the function at all. Thanks tho :)