When i try to compile typescript code into javascript, getting **Type 'NodeListOf<Element>' is not an array type or a string type**

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When i try to compile typescript code into javascript, getting Type 'NodeListOf' is not an array type or a string type.

if (query.length) {                                              
  var regex = new RegExp("(" + query + ")", "gm"); 
  var li = document.querySelectorAll("#id li"); //error                 
    for (var Element of li){                                   
      Element.innerHTML = Element.innerHTML.replace(regex, '<span class="classname">$1</span>'); 

The below compiles fine and I've added comments inline.

let query = '';
if (query.length) {
    var pattern = new RegExp("(" + query + ")", "gim");
    var li: NodeListOf<Element> = document.querySelectorAll("#test li");
    // ES5 does not allow TS iteration of NodeListOf<Element> nor use of Array.from 
    // so it is necessary to loop over it manually.
    // Note that Element is an existing type which caused a conflict with "(var Element of list)".
    // It was necessary to rename Element to element.
    for (let i = 0; i < li.length; i++) {
        let element = li[i];
        element.innerHTML = element.innerHTML.replace(pattern, '<span class="target">$1</span>');

Handbook - Migrating from JavaScript, During our JS to TS migration, we'll need to separate our input files to prevent if you try running tsc at the root of your project, you should see output files in the built TypeScript will also warn about unreachable code and labels, which you can If, for instance, you don't want TypeScript to compile to JavaScript in the face� Mixed TypeScript and JavaScript projects. It is possible to have mixed TypeScript and JavaScript projects. To enable JavaScript inside a TypeScript project, you can set the allowJs property to true in the tsconfig.json. Tip: The tsc compiler does not detect the presence of a jsconfig.json file automatically.

This does also work:

let elements: any = document.querySelectorAll(".class");
for(let ele of elements) {
     // do stuff

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Try this.. will solve the problems.

if (query.length) {                                              
  var pattern = new RegExp("(" + query + ")", "gim"); 
  var li = document.querySelectorAll("#test li");                 
   for (var Element of <any> li){                                   
      Element.innerHTML = Element.innerHTML.replace(pattern, '<span class="target">$1</span>'); 

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  • I'm guessing the error is on the forEach line, not the querySelector line. The problem is what it is saying it is, which is that a NodeList is not an array type. Try [...li] or Array.from(li). Also, why are you looping twice, once with forEach and then again with for...of?
  • @torazaburo after removing for each loop still getting same error.
  • As I said, you have to do for (var Element of Array.from(li)). Or, if you don't have Array.from available, then for (var x = 0; x < li.length; x++) li[x].innerHTML....
  • Weird! Turns out that an absent tsconfig.json file will cause tsc to assume that Array.from is available, even though it's an ES2015 capability. I've corrected.
  • Have you tested this? Casting li to any will suppress the error message, but I'm not sure that it resolves the underlying incompatibility.