Can't import rest_framework in Django

I'm trying to stand up a Django site and I am attempting to setup Report_builder with that. I just got the front end of report builder to work but it is not returning any data. I suspect the problem is with my rest framework. The settings did not auto create and now when I try to import it to create a serializer restframework is not recognized at all.

Here is my settings page:



Did I possibly install rest framework in the wrong place or?? I have the latest version.

In your you must have :



As describe at Tutorial of Django Rest Framework

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Try changing appropriate python environment (Virtual Env in your project folder) if even after

INSTALLED_APPS = [ ... 'rest_framework', .... ]

you are unable to import rest_framework.

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  • How exactly did you install it? What exactly is the error?
  • which ide are u using?are u in your specific environment?
  • I believe it was the normal pip install, I am inside a virtualenv, and I am using PyCharm
  • I have it in installed apps that is not the problem
  • Did you try to run makemigrations and migrate after install it?
  • Yes. Am I wrong in assuming that Rest should have installed some of its own settings in the
  • Well, I am quite sure that Django Rest Framework does not generate any code into