How to swap the values in two columns in R?

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V1    V2
 5     6
 4     4
 2     5

How would I swap the values in these two column vectors. So that the outcome would be:

V1    V2
 6     5
 4     4
 5     2

the easiest way to do this:

tmp <- df[1]
df[1] <- df[2]
df[2] <- tmp

Feature Request: swap_if(), conditional swapping of values between , I wish I could figure out how to include it in a mutate(), but it requires returning two columns at once. dt %>% swap_if(., condition, Column1,� R randomly swap values between two columns in dataframe. Ask Question Asked 2 years, 11 months ago. Active 1 year, 11 months ago. Viewed 705 times 3. I repeated an

The easiest way to do this is probably:

df[1:2] <- df[2:1]

That is, it swaps the values but not the column names.

More programmatically:

c2swap <- c("V1", "V2")
df[c2swap] <- df[rev(c2swap)]

swap values between columns using R, data frame swap columns r matrix swap rows r replace values in column switch order of columns r order columns in a data frame r moving columns around in r. Using R, the statistical analysis and computing platform, swapping two columns in a matrix is really easy: m [, c (1,2)] <- m [, c (2,1)]. Note, however, that this does not swap the column names (if you have any) but only the values.

I work with data.table, say, dt. In my case,

dt[1:2] <- dt[2:1]

swaps the first and second rows, while

dt[,1:2] <- dt[,2:1]

swaps the values of the first and second columns leaving the same names.

swap function, Swap values among columns of a data frame. Arguments. data. a data frame. which. a formula or an integer or character vector specifying columns in data� Versions for where you know that one of these are the case, (i.e. you are always swapping some interior column with the first column, swapping some interior column with the last column, swapping the first and last columns, or swapping two adjacent columns), you can actually express these actions more succinctly because they usually just require

[R] Conditionally swap two columns of a data.frame?, Previous message: [R] Conditionally swap two columns of a data.frame curve showing something about the >> distribution of the two values. $\begingroup$ a function that takes the columns of a dataframe that I give as an input and maps the new values onto old values,just in those columns ,is what I'm trying to figure out ,without using loops .we can do something like it with "Purrr" package,but not sure how to . $\endgroup$ – ultron Nov 18 '16 at 15:02

R tips: Swapping columns in a matrix, Swapping two columns in a matrix is really easy: m[ , c(1,2)] that this does not swap the column names (if you have any) but only the values. Previously, we described the essentials of R programming and provided quick start guides for importing data into R as well as converting your data into a tibble data format, which is the best and modern way to work with your data.

Swap Elements in a Vector. This function swaps elements in a vector. See examples for usage.

  • You can rename columns with colnames(x) <- c("V2", "V1")
  • @akash87 Is there a way to do this without changing the names, but just swapping the values?
  • once renamed i believe the op needs to reorder them to comply with the expected output. x <- x[rev(colnames(x))]
  • @agenis Do I input the column names again? inside of colnames(x)?
  • I don't see why you wouldn't accept renaming the columns, especially when you have great tools like "rename_at" in the dplyr package, that even accept regular expression (i believe your actual data is a bit more complex that V1 and V2...)
  • Can you provide a complete example (including loading data.table, etc.)?