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So I have a page with several textareas for a custom form I made. I am able to target an individual textarea by it's ID but I would like to know if theres an easy way to have the CKeditor inline target all textareas elements or have editor select elements by their class instead. At the moment I have setup ID for each other but they are each unique, trying to figure out the best aproach but im not good with javascript and would like some assistance with this.

Current code:
CKEDITOR.inline( 'ID');

Looking for a code that would target all text areas or at lease target class instead of IDs.

Use CKEDITOR.document.find:

var elements = CKEDITOR.document.find( '.foo' ),
    i = 0,

while ( ( element = elements.getItem( i++ ) ) ) {
    CKEDITOR.inline( element );

You can also use the official jQuery adapter:

$( '.foo' ).ckeditor( function() { 
    // Callback function code.
}, { 
    // Config options here
} );

Instantiating instances by class instead of ID in content , In one spot in my app, I've got a list of records with an 'edit' link next to each - this fires off JS code to do a jQuery .load() into a div and then� Instantiating instances by class instead of ID in content fetched by jQuery .load() In one spot in my app, I've got a list of records with an 'edit' link next to each - this fires off JS code to do a jQuery .load() into a div and then make it visible - said content being an edit form that can contain zero or however many CKE instances.

You can use this:

$(".ckeditor").each(function () {
         CKEDITOR.replace( $(this).attr("name") );

CKEditor inline edit on a specific class, I have more than one content editable area though, so how do I change the script from looking for an id of 'editable' to looking for a class of� CKEditor 4 API Documentation. The Class Select. The definition of a select element. This class is not really part of the API. It just illustrates the properties that developers can use to define and create select elements. Once the dialog is opened, the created element becomes a object and can be accessed with CKEDITOR.dialog.getContentElement. For a complete example

This sample shows how to automatically replace all <textarea> elements of a given class with a CKEditor instance.

To replace a <textarea> element, simply assign it the ckeditor class, as in the code below:

<script src=""></script>

<textarea class="ckeditor" name="editor1"></textarea>
<textarea class="ckeditor" name="editor2"></textarea>
<textarea class="" name="editor3"></textarea>

Note that other attributes (like id or name) need to be adjusted to your document.

ckeditor replacebyclass

Basic API, Each CKEditor 5 build provides a different editor class that handles the creation of editor instances: <div id="editor"> <p>Here goes the initial content of the editor. Then call InlineEditor.create() to attach Inline editor to the <div> element : CKEditor 4 API Documentation. The Class Editor. Represents an editor instance. This constructor should be rarely used in favor of the CKEDITOR editor creation functions.

Replace Textareas by Class Name — CKEditor Sample, <textarea class="ckeditor" name="editor1"></textarea>. Note that other <textarea > attributes (like id or name ) need to be adjusted to your document. Editor 1:. Inline Editor Documentation. Inline Editing allows you to edit any element on the page in-place. Inline editor provides a real WYSIWYG experience "out of the box", because unlike in classic editor, there is no <iframe> element surrounding the editing area. The CSS styles used for editor content are exactly the same as on the target page where

Class Element (CKEDITOR.dom.element), readonly. The native DOM object represented by this class instance. See source Adds a CSS class to the element. It appends the Returns list of elements within this element that match specified selector . See source. Notes: Gets the value of the id attribute of this element. See source setAttribute instead. Note: This� I see in CKEitor 4.5 there is a new drag and drop system. I would like to drop external DIVs or SPANs into my CkEditor and have them turn into "placeholders" "fake objects" or "protected source" objects.

CKEditor, <h2>Example 2: Inline CkEditor</h2>. 8. <textarea name="editor" class=" inlineEditor">. 9. This is a inline ckEditor example [clink here]. 10. </textarea>. 11. . 12. hi all; I newly found key delete works wrong!!! for example, we have an bold element in a paragraph and in the bold element there is an italic word. if we put cursor after italic element exactly, and begin pressing delete key, the characters of bold text node which is after italic element, delete one by one. when the text node deleted and italic element was placed in end of bold element and

  • Is there a way to target all textareas to use inline using the Jquery adapter method?