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The problem statement is as mentioned below: When max_pos> 4 and max_neg is >1 then find out the name of rollercoaster where intensity_level is greater than excitement_level.

Here, the intensity_level and excitement_level are string values like high, very high etc. How can I compare them?

You could use CASE expression to map value for your intensity_level and excitement_level, then compare them

FROM table_name 
    max_pos> 4 
    AND max_neg >1
            WHEN intensity_level = 'high' THEN 0
            WHEN intensity_level = 'very high' THEN 1
            WHEN intensity_level = 'ultra high' THEN 2
            WHEN excitement_level = 'high' THEN 0
            WHEN excitement_level = 'very high' THEN 1
            WHEN excitement_level = 'ultra high' THEN 2

comparing two strings in SQL Server, Example. Compare two strings: SELECT STRCMP("SQL The STRCMP() function compares two strings. The two strings to be compared. Return Values. Is there any way to compare two strings in SQL Server 2008 stored procedure like below? int returnval = STRCMP(str1, str2) returns 0 if the strings are the same; returns -1 if the first argument is smaller than the second according to the current sort order. returns 1 otherwise. Above method I find in the MySQL but not in SQL Server.

You can create a table that contains intensity_level and excitement_level for each rollercoaster as integers and an ID that links them to your main table

MySQL STRCMP() Function, This tutorial covers how to use comparison operators in SELECT statement in MySQL. If CAST() function is not used when you compare strings with numbers, used to compare if two or more columns in a table are equal to a row of values. SQL isn’t particularly good at searching for strings within text. If you prepare things properly by creating inversion tables ( inverted indexes ), suffix trees or tries so as to allow it to do exact comparisons it is very quick, but this isn’t usually possible because data changes so quickly.

try using DECODE. DECODE high, very high values with a number and alias and then select all from this result set, then compare the aliases

How to Use Comparison Operators in SQL SELECT Statement for , In the case of string comparison, you can very quickly get bogged A quick change to a more SQL-based way of doing it shortened the comparison to two seconds. --This will need a NUMBERS table, stocked with numbers. I have a list of string values for example ('a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e'). Now I have a database lets say (T1) having two columns for example (user and permission). Every user has some permissions.

Here My solution using the function Just assign a integer value to the string and then compare the integer value.

CREATE function Weight(tag VARCHAR(200))
IF tag='High' THEN
SET v=1;
IF tag='Very High' THEN
SET v=2;

Then use the query

Select *
From tablename
Where max_pos> 4 
AND max_neg is >1
AND Weight(intensity_level)>Weight(excitement_level);

The Weight function above maybe not work in SQL, I used MySQL so change accordingly.

String Comparisons in SQL: The Longest Common Substring , The DIFFERENCE() function returns an integer value measuring the difference between the SOUNDEX() values of two strings. The following shows the syntax of � I am in need of a way to compare the content of two varchar columns, named fistname and lastname correspondingly, and if the content exists in firstname, then remove it from lastname. Ideally, I would like to do this w/o an update query, but if that is the only way to achieve it then I can go that route. Here is sample DDL and DML:

Understanding SQL Server DIFFERENCE() Function By Examples, how to compare two string variables – Learn more on the SQLServerCentral forums. Can I do something like select patindex (@s1, @s2)?. I need to help to write a query to show the difference between two string in two table. table1. @strng1 = 'This is SQL Server 2008R2' table2. @strng2 = 'This is a SQL Server 2008R2' now i have to compare @strng1 with @strng2. differnce = "a" thanks in advance..

how to compare two string variables – SQLServerCentral, to write a query to show the difference between two string in two table. into @ t1 values ('This is SQL Server 2008R2'); insert into @t2 values� Compare Two Table using MINUS. You can compare the two similar tables or data sets using MINUS operator. It returns all rows in table 1 that do not exist or changed in the other table. Select Id_pk, col1, col2,coln from table1 MINUS Select Id_pk, col1, col2,coln from table2;

Need to compare two strings in two table - MSDN, fnSplit(@Input Varchar(1000), @Splitter VarChar(10)) RETURNS TABLE AS RETURN SELECT Split.a.value('.', 'VARCHAR(1000)') AS Data� Compare part of a string against a table of values I have a table with a field containing UK National Insurance numbers. These numbers are two letters followed by six numbers and a final letter ie AA999999A.

  • share sample input and output
  • Provide full dictionary of possible values for intensity and excitement levels.
  • better to have this values like high, very high etc in separate table (ID, Value) and create relation with rollercoaster table by this table ID
  • Make it easy to assist you:!
  • case expression (it returns a value.)