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I've got one table called Calls with the following fields.

  • ID
  • EntryTime
  • ExitTime (This can be NULL which indicates an abandon call)
  • Date
  • Week (of the month based on date)
  • SatisfactionScore (1-5)

I want to create a view that groups the calls by Week and shows the following columns:

  • Week
  • Total Calls Per Week
  • Abandon Rate (Division of Total Calls by the number of calls that ExitTime is NULL) per Week
  • Calls With Satisfaction Score Less than 3 per Week

I start with this definition:

CREATE VIEW TotalView AS select
  Count(ID) as TotalCalls

The Weeks and the TotalCalls show correctly. Then, I try to calculate the calls with satisfaction score with less that 3 but the results are wrong. I enter this statement

  Count(ID) as TotalCalls,
  Count(CallsLess) as CallsLess3

  (select ID as CallsLess from Call where SatisfactionRate<3)


...but the result table is totally wrong and now the TotalCalls column is even wrong.

  1. Can you please advise how I should write this query?
  2. My data for a specific month cover 5 weeks. Can I, also, group weeks 4 and 5 in one so I end up with four rows in the final view?

Use "conditional aggregation" by placing case expressions inside the aggregate functions.

CREATE VIEW TotalView AS select
  Count(ID) as TotalCalls,
  (Count( case when exit_time is null then 1 end ) * 100.0 ) / count(*) as SatisfactionScore

To implement non-standard calendars probably requires that you build a calendar table and use that to inform your queries how you have defined weeks to be treated. I have always preferred a week to remain 7 days in leng, anything else is confusing imho.

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Postgres supports the filter clause, which makes conditional aggregation almost friendly:

select c.Week as call_week,
       count(*) as total_calls,
       count(*) filter (where c.exittime is null) as abandoned_calls,
       avg( (c.exttime is null)::int ) as abandon_rate,
       count(*) filter (where c.satisfaction < 3) as low_satisfaction
from call c
group by c.Week; 

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With conditional aggregation:

  count(*) totalcalls,
  100.0 * sum(case when exittime is null then 1 else 0 end) / count(*) abandonrate,
  sum(case when satisfactionrate < 3 then 1 else 0 end) callsless3
from call
group by date_trunc('month', date)::DATE, week

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  • Thank you all so much for the comments!!! Really couldn't decide which answer to choose.
  • if the column week has values like 1,2,3,4, if you only group by week then you end up grouping together all the weeks, say number 1, of all the months.