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I have a string:

s = r"This is a 'test' string"

I am trying to replace ' with \' so the string will look like below:

s = r"This is a \'test\' string"

I tried s.replace("'","\'") but there is no change in result. It remains the same.

You have to escape the "\":


"\" is an escape sequence indicator, which, to be used as a normal char, has to be escaped (by) itself.

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"\'" is still the same as "'" - you have to escape the backslash.

mystr = mystr.replace("'", "\\'")

Making it a raw string r"\'" would also work.

mystr = mystr.replace("'", r"\'")

Also note that you should never use str (or any other builtin name) as a variable name since it will overwrite the builtin, and could cause confusion later on when you try to use the builtin.

>>> mystr = "This is a 'test' string"
>>> print mystr.replace("'", "\\'")
This is a \'test\' string
>>> print mystr.replace("'", r"\'")
This is a \'test\' string

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>>> str = r"This is a 'test' string"
>>> print str
This is a 'test' string
>>> str.replace("'","\\'")
"This is a \\'test\\' string"

You need to escape the special character \

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  • What if the input string is r"This is a 'test' string that already contains \'escaped quotes\'"?
  • BTW: You should not use 'str' as a name. It is the name of a built-in.
  • Refer this if you're seeing `\\` in the output…