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Im doing a phone validation for 2 brands and both validation have almost the same meaning only different digits.

        if (!MobileFormat(num, brand,currency))
            if (brand.Equals(Brand.LED.ToString()))
                key = "The number of phone numbers must be "9" digits.";
                key = "The number of phone numbers must be "10" digits.";


i expect the key to be in single line and not double and only change the digit.

try below:

key = string.Format("The number of phone numbers must be {0} digits.", brand.Equals(Brand.LED.ToString()) ? 9 : 10);

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Just capture digit value before building a string.

if (!MobileFormat(num, brand, currency))
    var digits = brand.Equals(Brand.LED.ToString()) ? 9 : 10;
    key = $"The number of phone numbers must be '{digits}' digits.";

With two lines you quickly recognise that two operations involved and saves some horizontal space.

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If either string is nullable, then can do this:

if (!MobileFormat(num, brand, currency))
     key = $"The number of phone numbers must be {(Equals(brand, Brand.LED.ToString()) ? 9 : 10)} digits";

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The Magic of Validation, The only problem with validation is that at first, it's really hard to do. When a person doesn't feel heard, she just clings more tightly to her own� These are all perfectly valid approaches to feeling better, but they all hinge on praise and external support. Getting help from others is only one part of the equation. We also need to be able to validate, support, and help ourselves.

  • Why not use a ternary operator if you have only if and else?
  • The first if statement is ok as for the second one you can use Ternary Operators. and as for you it would look something like key = brand.Equals(Brand.LED.ToString()) ? "The number of phone numbers must be "9" digits." : "The number of phone numbers must be "10" digits.";