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I'm trying to write a vbscript to be able to checkout an excel file that is stored on sharepoint server.

Currently I can check the file out from SharePoint 2010: Link to open Excel file in edit-mode mode

However, I'm trying to check the file back in but not able to. I've searched and tried the checkout functions per http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/ff194456%28v=office.14%29.aspx but not able to.

Currently the code I have is

Sub CheckInFile

    Dim ExcelApp, ExcelSheet, ExcelBook
    Dim myURL

    myURL = "http://server/Site/excel.xlsx"

    Set ExcelApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application")                        

    If (ExcelApp.WorkBooks.CanCheckIn(myURL) = True) Then
        msgbox ("here")
        ExcelApp.WorkBooks.Open (myURL)
        ExcelApp.Application.WorkBooks.CheckIn myURL

        ' Quit Excel.
        ' Clean Up
        Set ExcelApp= Nothing
    End If

End Sub

However the script stops and fails at the if statement, rather doesn't execute. Is there a similar vbscript function to check in a file ?

Reading Excel Files with VBScript, Good morning to all, I have been tasked with replacing an old report using excel 2000 with excel 2013. We are in the process of upgrading old� Change your working directory to your scripts folder and execute the “checkservers.vbs” script (i.e., type “ cscript checkservers.vbs” and press Enter): Sample Output / Results Following is the output from a live run of the “checkservers.vbs” script, followed by the spreadsheet after the updates applied by the script:

Just try this:

Dim ExcelApp, ExcelSheet, ExcelBook
    Dim myURL = "http://server/Site/excel.xlsx"
    Set ExcelApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application")                        
    ExcelApp.WorkBooks.Open (myURL)
    If (ExcelApp.ActiveWorkbook.CanCheckIn = True) Then
        ' Quit Excel.
        ' Clean Up
        Set ExcelApp= Nothing
    End If

Using vbscript to check if excel workbook is open, This tutorial on "Working with Excel Objects in the VBScript" explains about the process of creation, addition, deletion etc of an Excel file using� Check if a specific Excel file is open when several Excel files are open and activate it. The above link might help. Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject ("WScript.Shell") if WshShell.AppActivate(ExcelFileName) = True then XL.Run "xxxx" else Test End if

Just change include below lines to your code:

ExcelApp.Visible = True
ExcelApp.DisplayAlerts = False


 Dim oExcel
 Dim strFileName
 Set oExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
 oExcel.Visible = True
 oExcel.DisplayAlerts = False
 strFileName = "view_2019.xlsm"

 If oExcel.Workbooks(strFileName).CanCheckIn = True Then
   oExcel.Workbooks(strFileName).CheckIn SaveChanges=True,Comments="Updated"
   MsgBox strFileName  & " has been checked in."
   MsgBox "This file cannot be checked in at this time. Please try again later."
 End If
 set oExcel = nothing

Working with VBScript Excel Objects, Find answers to VBscript - check if an Excel file is open, and close it from the expert community at Experts Exchange. Edit: Before I put a specific Excel file or its window to the front I need to check whether it's running/still open. Old Question: I want to set a specific Excel window to the front. With this VBScript code I can activate one single Excel window by its name. But since more than one Excel window are opened it doesn't work anymore.

VBscript, There are times when running various automation scripts that certain files are not updated due to the fact someone has an excel file open. I am running a standalone VBscript file that creates a new file with fileName based on today's date (so if ran twice today, the 2nd file will over write the first). This is running smoothly unless I have the file already open during the second run; I get a "Permission Denied". How do I check if an excel file is open, and if so close it.

VB Script to check if file is open - exit if so - MSDN, application then look for an excel file. That doesn't make any sense. If you open any office document then just check the "ReadOnly" property to� I would like to do away with having to use another excel workbook to do all the functions needed using a vbscript. I have everything I need to open the workbook and close the workbook, but I need a way to check if the workbook is open and if it is to close is so that I can open it again to run the macros.

Check if specified Excel workbook is already open, with .vbs, Need some help to determine if an excel spreadsheet is open. If you attempt to open a spreadsheet (outside of a script) you'll receive a notice� In VBScript, the syntax would be to use CreateObjectfunction and in JScript it corresponds to new ActiveXObject function. The below is a sample script in VBScript to open an excel file and bring the Excel Application to front. 1 2

  • Stops and fails? Whats the exception you're getting?
  • Hi there, no exception ... its done on a website on sharepoint server ... the whole script just stops and never gets to the message box prompt for debugging I know its the if statement because if i comment it out, i can get to message box but the other problem i'd face would be "ExcelApp.Application.WorkBooks.CheckIn myURL"
  • Hi Ryan, Upon running the IE script debugger, the error i'm getting is "SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support this property or method: 'ExcelApp.WorkBooks.CanCheckIn' "
  • Looked for awhile to solve my issue (which was also your issue) and stumbled across this. Thank you for posting. It has helped me out tremendously.
  • Can you add some explanation to your answer?