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My current url is http://localhost:4200/test/dashboard.

I want to print base url i.e http://localhost:4200 using angular 5 features.

No need for angular specific features, window.location.origin will do it for you.

APP_BASE_HREF, The base href is the URL prefix that should be preserved when generating and recognizing URLs. const APP_BASE_HREF: InjectionToken<string>;. const� An alternative answer is using the $window service in conjunction with $location.absUrl () to create a new URL object, and then grab the origin via the origin property. This will give you exactly what you're looking for (minus the trailing '/').



to get base url : console.log(location.origin);

How to get base url along with path in angular 5? - angular - html, My current url is http://localhost:4200/myApp/dashboard. I want to print base url i.e http://localhost:4200/myApp using angular 5 features. I am using this code:� Append Base URL to HTTP requests We have an API relative URL which starts at /api/products. In this section, we want to make sure that when we make a call to API, the base URL is appended to the API URL, so in this case, the API URL becomes /client1/api/products. /api/products --> /client1/api/products

This doesn't work for me (Angular 7):

But I found that it's possible to get it from document:

import { Inject } from '@angular/core';
import { DOCUMENT } from '@angular/common';

constructor(@Inject(DOCUMENT) private document: Document) {
    const origin = this.document.location.origin;

Angular: Set Base URL Dynamically, Append Base URL to HTTP requests. We have an API relative URL which starts at /api/products. In this section, we want to make sure that when� export class AppConsts { static baseUrl = "your_api_base_url"; } Worked for me, hope it help. This solution is based on aspnet boilerpate angular project, which for me give the best standards on architecture. I leave you here the url for the angular project + the url for this specific code.

PlatformLocation provides more details about the URL:

import {PlatformLocation } from '@angular/common';

 constructor(platformLocation: PlatformLocation) {
  console.log((platformLocation as any).location);
  console.log((platformLocation as any).location.href);
  console.log((platformLocation as any).location.origin);

Service module - read base URL for http.get : Angular2, The angular service is calling a webapi but I am having issues … http://my- server/my-app/index.html I have my set to <base href="/my-app"> 5 days ago. How can I get the current url in Angular 4? I've searched the web for it a lot, but am unable to find solution. app.module.ts import { BrowserModule } from '@angular/platform-browser'; import {

import { DOCUMENT, LocationStrategy } from '@angular/common';

export class SomeService {
  constructor(@Inject(DOCUMENT) private readonly document: any,
    private readonly locationStrategy: LocationStrategy) {}

  // for localhost: http://localhost:4200/someBaseHref
  getUrl(): string {
    return `${this.document.location.origin}/${this.locationStrategy.getBaseHref()}`


Angular 4 get current url, It will have no impact on your current ('BASE_URL') baseUrl: string) { httpClient. 0, PHP 5, PHP 7) Description. com/ajax/libs/angularjs/1. router as we using it� Angular is a platform for building mobile and desktop web applications. Join the community of millions of developers who build compelling user interfaces with Angular.

Is there a way to get the current URL or path from within a Angular2 , In Angular 5 use route to get the segments. import { ActivatedRoute } from '@ angular/router';. constructor( route: ActivatedRoute)� I use Angular 4 at work for building a single page application. Today, I faced the problem where I had to use different base paths for router and static assets. Angular makes use of the base href to tell router how to compose navigation URLs. If your application exists at the root, then you can use / as the href value as shown below. <base href

Setting Base Href Dynamically in Angular 6, <base href="/web/">/// index.js'GET', 'example');. When the above code has executed, the browser adds the relative path� How does Angular know the base href? angular. This is the best answer in my opinion for angular 5. Thank you! Subscribe from route.paramMap to get params; URL

angular — �C�mo obtener base url en angular 5?, Quiero imprimir la URL base, es decir, http: // localhost: 4200 usando las C�mo pasar URLSearchParams en el m�todo "get" de HttpClient - Angular 5. Based on type of build, specific base URL shall be picked up by Angular-CLI and output dist folder shall be generated. Here is the complete source code of example referred in this article.

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  • This answer is probably perfect for most situations. However, if you've set your base href to something other than / or you need support for more complicated situations, there are a whole load of additional options. For details on these, see this answer.
  • This defeats the purpose of using PlatformLocation. This would break if Angular wasn't running in a browser.
  • The documentation for PlatformLocation says it "should not be used directly by an application developer. Instead, use Location." See my answer for Location and a whole range of alternatives.
  • There is no 'origin' in this location object