Visual C++ equivalent of __FILE__ , __LINE__ and __PRETTY_FUNCTION__

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GCC compiler gives me the following macros:

  • __FILE__ so that I can print out the file name + directory.
  • __LINE__ so that I can print out the line number of where I'm printing from.
  • __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ so that I can print out the pretty function name

Does Visual C++ have the equivalent of these macros? A side question is, are these standard for C++ compilers?

In VS2008, this:

struct A
    bool Test(int iDummyArg)
        const char *szFile = __FILE__;
        int iLine = __LINE__;
        const char *szFunc = __FUNCTION__; // Func name
        const char *szFunD = __FUNCDNAME__; // Decorated
        const char *szFunS = __FUNCSIG__; // Signature

        printf("%s\n", szFile);
        printf("%d\n", iLine);
        printf("%s\n", szFunc);
        printf("%s\n", szFunD);
        printf("%s\n", szFunS);

        return true;

int wmain(int argc, TCHAR *lpszArgv[])
    A a;

will print this:

bool __thiscall A::Test(int)

(The line number is "wrong" since there was really some extra stuff at the top of my file.)

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__FILE__ and __LINE__ are standard, and I'm rather certain Microsoft compilers have essentially always had them.

__PRETTY_FUNCTION__ is a gcc feature.

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For more portability in getting the current function name, you can try BOOST_CURRENT_FUNCTION.

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Yes Visual C++ has them or an equivalent. See the responses here:

What's the difference between __PRETTY_FUNCTION__, __FUNCTION__, __func__? function-func/4384860#4384860

Also note that despite the upper case used, they aren't macros. They're variables.

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__FILE__ and __LINE__ are standard since C89. __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ is a GCCism. __func__ is a C99ism which (unlike GCCisms) may well be available in Visual C++; it is not precisely the same as __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ but it may be close enough for your purposes.

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