Generate pattern using SQL

I have a table with a single column with numbers 1-100. Want to generate an output where each number N is repeated N times (so 5 should appear 5 times):

and so on

For mysql versions prior to 8.0,

create table _set(n int);

insert into _set(n) values (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6); -- this goes on

select s2.* from _set as s
  join _set as s2 on s.n <= s2.n;

Temporary tables can't be opened twice documented issue.

For mysql versions 8.0, try this,

with _set as (select 1 as n 
            union all
            select n+1 as n from _set
            where n < 100
select s2.* from _set s
    join _set s2 on s.n <= s2.n

Row Pattern Recognition in SQL -, Ticker, with columns symbol, tradedate and price. Use the following code to create the table, populate it with some sample data, and query it: SET� Declare @variable_name DATATYPE -- first declare all the -- variables with datatype -- like (int) select @variable = WITH_ANY_VALUE -- select the variable and -- initialize with value while CONDITION -- condition like @variable > 0 begin -- begin print replicate ('*', @variable) -- replicate insert the * -- character in variable times set increment/decrement -- in increment/decrement -- @variable= @variable+1 END -- end while loop

If you have a table with numbers, then use it in a self join:

select n.n
from numbers n join
     numbers n2
     on n2.n <= n.n
order by n.n;

Here is a db<>fiddle example.

How do I print a triangle of stars using SQL, Is it practically possible to create a triangle of stars like this as below in SQL.I know that this could be done easily in any other programming language like C,C ++� I would like to generate the data by given regex pattern in SQL Server. Is there any possibility to do? Say, I have pattern as below and I would like to generate data as follow: The idea behind the concept is SQL STATIC DATA MASKING (which was removed in current feature). Our client wants to mask the production data in test database.

For MySql 5.x

Create a tally table with positive numbers, including 0.

Then self-join that number table.

select n1.n as num
from nums as n1
join nums as n2 on n2.n < n1.n
where n1.n between 1 and 100
order by n1.n;

An example of creating such a number table:

CREATE TABLE digits (n int primary key not null);

insert into digits (n) values 

CREATE TABLE nums (n int primary key not null);

-- fill with numbers 0 to 999
INSERT INTO nums (n)
SELECT (d3.n*100 + d2.n*10 + d1.n) as num
FROM digits d1
CROSS JOIN digits d2
CROSS JOIN digits d3;

In MySql 8 a recursive CTE can be used instead

  SELECT 0 as n


  SELECT n+1
  WHERE n < 100
JOIN NUMS n2 ON n2.n < n1.n
ORDER BY n1.n;

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  • Which MySQL version?
  • I recommend using some sort of scripting language to manage this
  • @jarlh any version will be fine!
  • @jarlh is probably asking because, depending from the mysql version some features can or cannot be available
  • MySQL 5.7 is probably too old for recursive cte's. (Version 8 needed?)