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var str = '<h1>Header</h1><p>Paragraph</p>

I have a string str I want to separate h1 and p text.


var h = 'Header'
var p = 'Paragraph'

Is there any shortcut way? I tried it with for loop.

Here you go, without String manipulation:

const str = '<h1>Header</h1><p>Paragraph</p>'
const div = document.createElement('div');
div.innerHTML = str;
const [h, p] = [...div.children].map(el=>el.textContent);

console.log(h, p);

How to split html string using JavaScript, Well organized and easy to understand Web building tutorials with lots of examples of how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Python, Bootstrap, Java� I'm in need to split HTML string for further processing by my side. I have a string that contains all the HTML. My needs keeps only in split all of them in an array, mantaining the tags.

Using jQuery:

var str = '<h1>Header</h1><p>Paragraph</p>'
var h = $.parseHTML( str )[0].innerText
var p = $.parseHTML( str )[1].innerText

JavaScript String split() Method, Hello All, Im looking to split a string with HTML tags into two sections. 1st section with a limited The question related to javascript. HtmlAgilityPack says it is a . How to split string of HTML into pieces and strip outer tags? Tag: javascript , jquery Preferably with jQuery for consistency with context, but pure JS is obviously fine.

Try regex:

var str = '<h1>Header</h1><p>Paragraph</p>';
var result = str.match(/<([\w]+)[^>]*>(.*?)<\/([\w]+)[^>]*>/g).map(function(val){
    var pre = val.split('>')[1];
    return pre.substr(0, pre.lastIndexOf('<'));

Split string with HTML tags - .NET, Answer: Use the JavaScript split() method. If you want to explode or split a string from a certain character or separator you can use the DOCTYPE html> Bappy Golder. JavaScript sees this -- '<h1>A test string</h1>' -- as a string, but when you use the document.write () method, the web browser CONVERTS the string into HTML. You can test this yourself with alert ('<h1>A test string</h1>'). You'll see the string in the alert box is not a rendered tag.

How to Explode or Split a String in JavaScript, str.split() function is used to split the given string into array of strings is unspecified then the entire string becomes one single array element. Your putting the actual entity string &#x0007; into the html, not the actual character •.It just gets rendered as the dot but is still the entity string. For what you are doing now you can split on the whole html entity string "Hello &#x0007; World".split("&#x0007;") You would put the actual character in the string if you wanted to split on it

JavaScript, JavaScript String - split() Method - This method splits a String object into an If separator is omitted, the array returned contains one element consisting of the <html> <head> <title>JavaScript String split() Method</title> </head> <body>� Previously with regular string we would have escape the new lines like so: var text = " hello there, \ how are you + \ "; That gets to be quite a task, to be able to do that. In ES6, we can now use template strings. I like to use these multiline strings when I'm creating HTML markup as a string.

JavaScript String - split() Method, Document element to serve as the context in which the HTML fragment will be created A Boolean indicating whether to include scripts passed in the HTML string. jQuery. <script src=""></script>. Hello All, Im looking to split a string with HTML tags into two sections. 1st section with a limited number of characters, the next section with the remainder of the original string.

  • $.parseHTML( str )
  • A way of doing would be to use the .match method with a regex. and ot catch the element between the diffrents tags
  • This is awesome!
  • Regex and html-markup don't mix very well. In my experience, your regex will get more and more complicated as you come across all of the what is called by the name of HTML