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I am using this MongoDB driver: and I would like to search using a text index, which (I think) is created on all text fields like so:

    "_fts" : "text",
    "_ftsx" : 1

I am using linq queries to filter the data, example:

MongoClient client = new MongoClient(_mongoConnectionString);
IMongoDatabase mongoDatabase = client.GetDatabase(DatabaseName);
var aCollection = mongoDatabase.GetCollection<MyTypeSerializable>(CollectionName);

IMongoQueryable<MyTypeSerializable> queryable = aCollection.AsQueryable()
                .Where(e=> e.Field == 1);
var result = queryable.ToList();

How do I utilize the text search using this method?

Query.Text Method (String, String), Generate a text search query that tests whether the given search string is present MongoDB .NET Driver API Documentation � Namespaces � MongoDB.Driver. Driver.Legacy (in MongoDB.Driver.Legacy.dll) Version: 2.7.3+Branch.v2.7.x. MongoDB provides text indexes to support text search queries on string content. text indexes can include any field whose value is a string or an array of string elements. To perform text search queries, you must have a text index on your collection. A collection can only have one text search index, but that index can cover multiple fields.

Searching for solution I found FilterDefinition<T>.Inject() extension method. So we can go deeper and create one more extension on IMongoQueryable<T>:

public static class MongoQueryableFullTextExtensions
    public static IMongoQueryable<T> WhereText<T>(this IMongoQueryable<T> query, string search)
        var filter = Builders<T>.Filter.Text(search);
        return query.Where(_ => filter.Inject());

And use it like this:

IMongoDatabase database = GetMyDatabase();

var results = database

Hope this helps somebody :)

[CSHARP-2566] How do I run a full text search on , text indexes can include any field whose value is a string or an array of string elements. To perform text search queries, you must have a text index on your� I'm trying to implement the text search in MongoDB, in C#. The documentation doesn't cover anything about how to sort the text search results in C#. I have a list of tags, separated by spaces, to match. If I provide a string like "Tag1 Tag2", I would like the results to be provided in the following order:

Text Search — MongoDB Manual, please explain how can i full text search with mongodb in .net mvc easily I would recommend to review MongoDB Driver Admin QuickTour for� The official MongoDB .NET Driver provides asynchronous interaction with MongoDB. Powering the drivers is a Core library and a BSON library. Features Driver A completely async driver to talk with MongoDB. GridFS A distributed file system built on MongoDB. Core Driver

How about:

IMongoQueryable<MyTypeSerializable> queryable = aCollection
.Where(e=> e.Field.Contains("term"));

Full Text Search in MongoDB in .Net or C#, fuzzy text searching requires the use of a mongodb text index which can access to mongodb by abstracting away the C# mongodb driver and� C#/.NET Driver Version MongoDB 4.4 MongoDB 4.2 MongoDB 4.0 MongoDB 3.6 MongoDB 3.4 MongoDB 3.2 MongoDB 3.0 MongoDB 2.6; Version 2.11

Tutorial: Fuzzy Text Search In MongoDB The Easy Way! - DEV, Have you ever tried to use Text ReSearch with MongoDb C# Driver 3.2 This request will create a Text index " MyFieldTextIndex " for a String� I am using MongoDB and the C# driver for MongoDB. I recently discovered that all queries in MongoDB are case-sensitive. How can I make a case-insensitive search? I found one way to do this: Query.Matches( "FirstName", BsonRegularExpression.Create(new Regex(searchKey,RegexOptions.IgnoreCase)));

MongoDb 3.2, C# MongoClient 2.x, TextResearch: How To Deal , The search engine cannot perform a text search without creating a text index. The search engine uses an index to process $exist queries. You do not have to� Text Search with Additional Query and Sort Expressions¶ The following query searches for documents where the author equals "xyz" and the indexed field subject contains the terms coffee or bake. The operation also specifies a sort order of ascending date, then descending text search score:

Search using the MongoDB Driver, NET's XmlSerializer. Text; using MongoDB.Bson; using MongoDB.Driver; using MongoDB.Driver. Get a Reference to a Collection Object; Insert a Document; Find an Existing Document; Save a Document; Update an Existing Document; Remove an Existing� Full text search (including fuzzy matching) with text indexes. Multi-document transaction support. Easy bulk operations. Update with aggregation pipeline stages & array filters. Easy GeoSpatial search. Stream files in chunks to and from mongodb (GridFS alternative). Multiple database support.

  • Looks legit, I'll check it out and come back, thank you.
  • Could you also tell me how to combine this approach with linq-based filters? Can I do cursor.ToEnumerable().Where(e => e.Field == 1) and it will actually get "materialized" after a .ToList() at the end?
  • Not sure you can mix and match Linq with Mongo Filters, try: var builder = Builders<MyModel>.Filter; var filter = builder.And( builder.Text("search"), builder.Eq(x => x.Field, 1) );
  • This is exactly what I needed! The same method (using a builder then injecting into a where call) also allows you constructing any other query like geo-spatial queries etc.
  • Are you sure this utilizes the text index?
  • It depends on 2 factors: implementation of Linq provider and query processor on mongodb side. In order to be sure you have to trace this chain.
  • Looking though the source code the above doesn't utilise the text query within mongodb.