How do I preinstall certain tools onto a Hosted Agent?

By default, the Hosted Agent I'm working with is not supporting yarn command but only npm. Sad, right?

Of course, I could have a step in my build pipeline that downloads and installs yarn via scoop or choco[latey] on each run, but I really don't like the idea of the build increase time for something that should be available to me out of the box.

So how do I preinstall the tools I need upfront?

You do not necessarily need to use a private agent -- you can run your builds in a prebuilt container. This way you can have control over a hosted agent.

  - container: tests
    image: my/container:tests

  - job: run_tests
    container: tests
      vmImage: 'Ubuntu-16.04'
    # actual build

Microsoft-hosted agents for Azure Pipelines, Learn about using the Microsoft-hosted agents provided in Azure Pipelines. The Azure Pipelines agent pool offers several virtual machine The ability to pre -install custom software (other than through tool installer tasks in your pipeline). You can restructure your pipeline so that it can fit into this space. If you use supported version of the agents, you do not need to allow access to Azure Storage in the VM region, as can use the agent to redirect the communication to the Azure fabric controller for agent communications (HostGAPlugin feature through the privileged channel on private IP If you are on a non-supported version of the

Of course, I could have a step in my build pipeline that downloads and installs yarn via scoop or choco[latey] on each run, but I really don't like the idea of the build increase time for something that should be available to me out of the box.

This is the correct approach to install something on a build agent. If the increased time is a problem for you you could consider installing an agent on a machine of yours. But even if you use a private agent the approach to have some the installation done as a step of a build would be the correct approach

How to run or install tool on hosted agent in VSTS, Set up a VSTS Build using Hosted 2017 Build Agent that requires administrative permissions, then you will likely run into the same problems. For your specific problem, I'd start by looking at this resource, which the error� This step is important. You must enter your product key to activate Windows 7. You do not need to enter your key at this time to continue. However, if you do not activate Windows within 30 days, Windows 7 will lose certain critical functions, such as Windows updates.

You don't. The hosted agent is fresh every time. There is nothing you can do to cache things on it.

If that's a requirement, you should install a private agent on a machine you control.

Installing Agent Tools - Help, In TeamCity an agent tool (i.e. a set of files/a binary distribution) is a type of into the runtime; agent tools are used only to distribute binary files to agents. NuGet .exe used in NuGet specific build steps and NuGet Dependency Trigger. for installing a TeamCity agent from a Windows server to a Windows host using Agent� The first thing that you need to do is to create a new container, map host-container ports and enter container shell by issuing the below command: # docker run -it -p 81:80 ubuntu-nginx /bin/bash # nginx & Here, the -p option exposes the host port to container port. While the host port can be arbitrary, with the condition that it should be

Add a private build agent to VSTS and configure for capabilities , VSTS or Visual Studio Team Services is a great DevOps tool from A hosted agent is provided by Microsoft and is pre-configured with all Let's first login into the private agent server by using appropriate credentials. type of operating system, and versions of certain software installed on the machine. At a command prompt, type net stop ccmexec to stop the SMS Agent Host service (CcmExec.exe) on the reference computer. Delete the SMSCFG.INI file from the Windows folder on the reference computer. Remove any certificates that are stored in the local computer store on the reference computer.

How to run Azure DevOps self-hosted agents effectively, have better control over your agents, i.e., can install specific software needed for Developers start requesting for installing new tools on the servers or use loops and put the list of packages into an external parameter file:� How do I download an ISO? Give me a link. Instructions for installing/re-installing are contained in the following but one comment: if you're expecting a stand-alone MSI installer for Office 2019, it doesn't exist since MS no longer provides that type of installation

Local Build Agents for Azure DevOps | by Colin Domoney, Azure DevOps Pipelines is a cloud-hosted technology to allow CI (continuous Having a dedicated local agent allows for the caching of tools since the agent to resolve; namely the installation of toolchains onto the agents. Some searching and debugging revealed another little missing trick: it is� Device drivers improve sound, graphics, networking, and storage performance. If you perform a custom VMware Tools installation or reinstallation, you can choose which drivers to install. The set of drivers that are installed when you install VMware Tools depends on the guest operating system and the VMware product.

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  • The tools installed on the hosted images is documented here. From what I can tell both the VS2017 and Ubuntu16.04 images both currently have Yarn 1.13.0.
  • This is a muchly much better solution, yes!
  • all the steps will run inside the container (I'm not sure about built-in steps, how that would work. I only use script steps). code will get mounted inside the container as well
  • "to have some the installation done as a step of a build would be the correct approach" is very arguable at best. If I want to have yarn command available I need to run scoop or choco command to install it. Neither of those tools is available either, so I need to install them too. I may or may not want to orchestrate my tools as a part of the pipeline -- that's totally a preference thing. And I personally would prefer the toolset to be described side by side with the pipeline definition but NOT INSIDE it.
  • Just a small detail: choco is available on the hosted agents.
  • @IgorSoloydenko hosted vs2017 has choco as well as yarn installed
  • @D.J. I'll try them out. Thanks!
  • Yeah, looks like I should indeed consider having a private agent instead...