Can I keep an ASP.NET Core web site running after stopping debugging?

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I'm new to ASP.NET Core, and am missing one feature I use a lot.

When setting up a new ASP.NET MVC project (pre Core), I would open the project properties, and from the Web tab, uncheck the Edit And Continue checkbox. That way, I could run my project, browse it in the browser, stop debugging in VS, and it would continue to run.

This meant I could make changes, recompile and reload the page, without having to start debugging again. Unless I actually needed to break in the code, this was much faster than starting a new debugging session after every change.

Can this be done in ASP.NET Core? I haven't managed to find a way yet.

Can I keep an ASP.NET Core web site running after stopping , In order to keep IIS Express running after stopping debugger, Full Stack Developer | ASP.NET | MVC | WebAPI | Advanced Javascript | AngularJS | Angular2 | C# | ES6 Instead of hitting the (X) STOP button, you can use the Detach all Right click your project > click Properties > select the 'Web' tab on� You need to keep your ASP.NET website and application pool always running. Regardless of application pool, website, IIS web server, or the entire server restarting. Perhaps the main reasons could be that you need to initialize some code at the global asax at application start up. To fire up some global application logic.

You can start Kestel from the command line and add the watch command. In your project folder run the command:

dotnet watch run

Anytime you save a file in Visual Studio the watch will automatically restart the web server and your pages will show the changes you made.

You can also add a profile to you launchSettings.json and start the profile with Ctrl-F5, or Debug > Start Without Debugging.

"Dotnet Watch": {
  "executablePath": "C:\\Program Files\\dotnet\\dotnet.exe",
  "workingDirectory": "$(ProjectDir)",
  "commandLineArgs": "watch run",
  "launchUrl": "https://localhost:5001;http://localhost:5000",
  "environmentVariables": {

Lastly, for me anyways, you can add it to your Visual Studio tools. Then you have it available in any projects you are working on.

"Tools > External Tools..."

Visual Studio: Keep IIS Express running site after stopping debugger , We can Keep Visual Studio debugger ON even when the project output browser is closed. close the web browser window, Visual Studio stopped the debugger. When it is unchecked, Visual Studio will keep running the debugging session. Disable local Application Insights for Asp.Net Core Projects. I create a page and test the code in debug mode step by step. I always think that the code will stop running after I click "stopping debugging" in VS2008 when I test it in IE because the IE closes immediately. Today, I use Firefox to test it. I find that the code still executes continuously after I click "stop debugging".

If you want to edit your app while it runs you have to run it without debugging (ctrl +F5). The point of this is so you can use .net core services like browser link(enabled in development mode), which actually let's you open your app in many browsers at the same time. Your app will run unless you specifically shut it down, for example by closing it through iis express. It uses signal r to keep a connection, but if you make certain changes, for example to the database code, you will have to start it again to see the changes. It is very lightweight, so you don't have to close the app through iis, just retype ctrl and f5 and it will start again.

Remember, your core app comes with it's own webserver, kestrel. So you can also run it without iis.

In debug mode, the purpose is to analyze your app, for example by setting breakpoints where executions stops so you can look through the stack. This is different than without debugging, because the purpose isn't to change the app on the fly as that would make no sense. You are testing your current version, changing it in debugging mode would potentially obscure other flaws etc.

Keep Visual Studio debugger ON when the , NET Core application that has been deployed to IIS, install and run the remote tools on NET Core, deploy it to IIS, and attach the remote debugger from Visual Studio. Restart the system (or execute net stop was /y followed by net start w3svc from a NET Core Web site on the Windows Server computer. How to auto start and keep an ASP.NET core web application running on IIS; Deploy an ASP.NET core application to IIS on Windows Server 2019. Fill out a PDF form using iTextSharp for .NET core. Hosting a background task in an ASP.NET core application running on IIS. Don't use string when working with dates in javascript/angular and .NET

Remote Debug ASP.NET Core on a Remote IIS Computer, NET Core applications, IIS Express relies on the ASP. If you install IIS after the Hosting Bundle, you will need to run the Hosting Bundle Build, Execution, Deployment | IIS Express page of JetBrains Rider options Ctrl+Alt+S : NET Core web applications that make use of SSL on our developer machine. I'm using IIS 7 express to test a ASP.Net MVC 3 project on my development machine and normally it keeps running after I finished debugging, which is a good thing so that I can perform small tests directly in the browser without needing to run the project again.

Run and Debug ASP.NET Core Apps in IIS Express, hi all, i have a page a.aspx, it read some data from Excel file then May i know why this is running even VS stoped? can you please help me debugging, i stop VS but, eventhouhg in background its running my same code. IIS Express is the default debug server for ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core projects, and is preconfigured. It's the easiest way to debug, and ideal for initial debugging and testing. You can also debug an ASP.NET or ASP.NET Core app on a local IIS server (version 8.0 or higher) that is configured to run the app.

web page is keeps on runnning after stop visual , A number of people who have seen me code this year have asked me how I can make changes in an ASP.NET web application and see the� The scoped service can use dependency injection (DI). Queued background tasks that run sequentially. View or download sample code (how to download) Worker Service template. The ASP.NET Core Worker Service template provides a starting point for writing long running service apps.

  • start without debugging(ctrl +F5) instead of with debugging.
  • @JohanHerstad Interesting, based on my experiences with previous versions of ASP.NET, I initially dismissed your comment as wrong, but having spotted this point in a book last night, I just tried it, and it works beautifully! Please can you add it as an answer, and explain why it's different from previous versions, and I'll accept it.
  • That's completely brilliant! So much easier than the other suggestions. Thanks very much.
  • Thanks, I sort of got it working, but had to play with the port numbers. It's all a bit painful though, why can't we do it like we used to?
  • Thanks for that, great explanation!