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I am trying to write a hate speech detection code but i am stuck with a problem. I am getting the error SklearnClassifier' object has no attribute 'fit' I am looking from source which used pyhton 2 but I am using python 3 maybe the problem occurs because of this but I couldn't solve this. How can I fix this problem ?

training_set = nltk.classify.apply_features(extract_features, train_tweets)

classifier = nltk.NaiveBayesClassifier.train(training_set)

from sklearn.ensemble import AdaBoostClassifier
from nltk.classify.scikitlearn import SklearnClassifier

# SKlearn Wrapper
classifier = SklearnClassifier(LinearSVC()), X_test)

predicted_labels = [classifier.classify(extract_features(tweet[0])) for tweet in test_tweets]

Shot in the dark here, but this documentation mentions a function called "train" instead of "fit"; maybe that's your issue:

Also, are you sure passing the second argument (X_test) is correct here? It's not normal with classifiers, as you should only be passing the training data in that step, and the documentation doesn't mention it either.

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As far as I can see, it should be classifier.train([X_train, y_train])

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Try this, it should work:

SKlearn Wrapper

classifier = SklearnClassifier(LinearSVC())

classifier =, X_test)

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  • also, it should be (x_train,y_train) as Christoph pointed out.