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I am converting my selenium 1 code to selenium 2 and can't find any easy way to select a label in a drop down menu or get the selected value of a drop down. Do you know how to do that in Selenium 2?

Here are two statements that work in Selenium 1 but not in 2:"//path_to_drop_down", "Value1");

Take a look at the section about filling in forms using webdriver in the selenium documentation and the javadoc for the Select class.

To select an option based on the label:

Select select = new Select(driver.findElement(By.xpath("//path_to_drop_down")));

To get the first selected value:

WebElement option = select.getFirstSelectedOption()

How to select/get drop down option in Selenium 2, Take a glance at the section regarding filling in forms using web driver within the Selenium documentation and also the javadoc for the Select� I am converting my selenium 1 code to selenium 2 and can't find any easy way to select a label in a drop-down menu or get the selected value of a dropdown.


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How to select/get drop down option in Selenium 2, Must-Read: How to handle DropDown And Multiple Select in Webdriver. They do have the same identity which serves to hold more than one elements. You can simply think both of them as containers for holding multiple options. The only� Select Option from Drop-Down Box. Before we can control drop-down boxes, we must do following two things: Import the package; Instantiate the drop-down box as a "Select" object in WebDriver

in ruby for constantly using, add follow:

module Selenium
  module WebDriver
    class Element
      def select(value)
        self.find_elements(:tag_name => "option").find do |option|
          if option.text == value

and you will be able to select value:

browser.find_element(:xpath, ".//xpath").select("Value")

Handling DropDown And Multiple Select Operations in Webdriver, Learn how Selenium can be used to find web elements in dropdown menu on a website. This method is used to select one of the options in a drop-down box or an option 2. selectByIndex: selectByIndex(int arg0) : void. This method is new ChromeDriver(); driver.get("");� I want to select a value from a drop-down option. The HTML is as follows: How to select/get drop down option in Selenium 2. asked Jul 4, 2019 in Devops and Agile

Try using:"id=items","label=engineering")


Select Class in Selenium : How to select in dropdown, How to select DropDown & Multiple Select Operations in Selenium WebDriver 2. 3. Select oSelect = new Select(driver. deselectByValue(String arg0) : void – Deselect all options that have a value matching the argument. A sample Html code for drop-down list <select> <option>Milk</option> <option>Coffee</option> <option>Tea</option> </select> Code below gets all the items from the drop-down list above and selects the item 'Coffee'.The logic of the code is as follows. Step 1. Create an interface of the web element tag Step 2. Create an IList with all the child

A similar option to what was posted above by janderson would be so simply use the .GetAttribute method in selenium 2. Using this, you can grab any item that has a specific value or label that you are looking for. This can be used to determine if an element has a label, style, value, etc. A common way to do this is to loop through the items in the drop down until you find the one that you want and select it. In C#

int items = driver.FindElement(By.XPath("//path_to_drop_Down")).Count(); 
for(int i = 1; i <= items; i++)
    string value = driver.FindElement(By.XPath("//path_to_drop_Down/option["+i+"]")).GetAttribute("Value1");
        //Clicked on the index of the that has your label / value

How to select DropDown & Multiple Select Operations, Selenium Select Options: We would concentrate on handling the various Dropdown: The three dropdowns have been created for selecting colours, the WebDriver's Select class that is used to handle dropdown elements� To select a drop-down menu option value with Selenium (Python), firstly you need to import the Select class and then you need to create the instance of Select class. After completing these two steps you will need to create the instance of Select class, you can perform select methods on that instance to select an option from the dropdown list.

Usage of Selenium Select Class for Handling Dropdown Elements , WebDriver provides three ways to select an option from the drop-down menu. 1. After that we have to initialize Chrome driver using ChromeDriver Class. How to select/get drop down option in Selenium 2. asked Jul 4, 2019 in Devops and Agile by Han Zhyang Selecting a value from a drop-down option using selenium python.

Selenium WebDriver Handling Drop-Downs, In our example we have taken value as 5 it means it will select May from dropdown. Select value from Visible text. Select a Value from Drop-Down Below links are related to Selenium WebDriver and DropDown. Selecting items from drop down, controling dropdown or handling dropdown is all you get to know from below links. Below links are not in any particular order. 1. Selenium WebDriver and DropDown Boxes. 2. How to select/get drop down option in Selenium 2. 3.

How to Select Values from Dropdown in Selenium WebDriver, Just grab the list by it's element and select an item within it based on the text filename: dropdown.rb require 'selenium-webdriver' require filename: dropdown.rb run do @driver.get '' dropdown_list We then find each clickable element in the dropdown list (e.g., each option )� Select ‘Continents’ Drop down ( Use Id to identify the element ) Select option ‘Europe’ (Use selectByIndex) Select option ‘Africa’ now (Use selectByVisibleText) Print all the options for the selected drop down and select one option of your choice; Close the browser; Solution

  • Have you tried to locate it using Firebug? Using the xpath generated with Firebug/xpather can make it easier.
  • The question is not about locating or finding the drop down. Its about selecting a label in that drop down. I can locate the drop down but don't know which method to call in Selenium 2 since select() and getSelectedValue() or getSelectedLabel() do not work in Selenium 2.
  • Solution in c#:…
  • By.xpath("//path_to_drop_down"). I would replace this with a locator like as so on.
  • deselectAll will throw an UnsupportedOperationException if the select does not support multiple selections
  • In C#, use the SelectElement class, so: SelectElement salesExecutiveDropDown = new SelectElement(webDriver.FindElement(By.Id("salesExecutiveId")));
  • Fyi this code was not able to select a dropdown until I commented out this line: //select.deselectAll(); Then it started working. Your mileage may vary.
  • Note that deselectAll is only valid for multiselect:….
  • -1 Way overcomplicated and using deprecated methods (RenderedWebElement)