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So I decided to add an url attr_accessor to ActiveStorage::Attachment objects.

In development the patch holds for a while until it seems to "have been lost". Meaning it works for few minutes, then it does not work anymore. Then I need to restart the server in order to get the patch applied again. I believe I am not patching correctly and I would need advises in that mater.

Here is what I tried:


First try :

module ActiveStorageUrl
  extend ActiveSupport::Concern

  included do
    attr_accessor :url

ActiveStorage::Attachment.send :include, ActiveStorageUrl

Second try

class ActiveStorage::Attachment < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessor :url

And by the way in both case it's loaded with this:


require 'ext/active_storage/attachment'

So when it work I have no error message, but after a while the patch "diseapear" (lacking better terms), and I get the following error, telling me my attr_accessor is not there anymore. Rails must have reloaded ActiveStorage classes and my patch is lost.

Module::DelegationError in Products#images
url delegated to blob, but blob is nil

You are probably losing your monkey patch because the code gets reloaded and your ext/active_storage/attachment isn't re-required.

You can tell Rails to run a callback at startup and every time code is reloaded like this.

Rails.configuration.to_prepare do
  require 'ext/active_storage/attachment'

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I placed my ActiveStorage::AttachmentMonkeyPatch in /app/models/active_storage/ I've added a callback to get informed if the Attachment has changed. It works fine, all the time.

Maybe this is the issue.

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Seems to have to do with delegate_missing_to, e.g.

delegate_missing_to :blob

Going to where it's defined:

Anyway it might have to do with how attr_accessor works, I would try:

def url

def url=(url)
  @url = url

Instead of attr_accessor (which is a C function actually).

Otherwise a really really hacky way to solve this would be to check for ActiveStorage::Attachment.instance_methods.include?(:url) and monkey patch / include / prepend when not present.

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Migrating from Paperclip to ActiveStorage: a different approach, Even though (at the time of writing this article) ActiveStorage is not as mature as Since at Sortlist we have hundreds of thousands of attachments, we can't afford update that column is to create a callback on the ActiveStorage::Blob model. and we would have to monkey-patch ActiveStorage (source). Я поражая апи, чтобы получить изображение, которое они сохранили и использовать его в качестве профиля ПОС для пользователей нашего приложения.

Callback for Active Storage file upload, class ActiveStorageAttachment < ActiveRecord::Base after_update :after_update Active Storage is a framework in Ruby that makes it a breeze to upload files and ActiveStorage "Parent" Model Callback #35044 build a monkey patch and to copy over the entire class and then add to it, not sure if I'm missing something?

  • Seems to be the method I needed to know about. Thanks
  • Ok I defined geter and setter instead of attr_accessor. Will see how it goes. Thanks