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A JSON File is loaded with:

with open("samples.json", "r") as read_file:
    data = json.load(read_file)

Now I replace the key "22981" with "Automat" in the JSON-String:

d = json.loads(json.dumps(data).replace('"22981"','"Automat"'))

This works fine. But when I try to do it with variables, it does not work, for example:

d = json.loads(json.dumps(data).replace('"{0}"'.format(key1), '"Automat"'))

Any help? Thank you!

d = json.loads(json.dumps(data).replace("{0}".format(key1), "Automat"))

You had a single quote together with a double quote.

Edit: You should also probably know about f-strings

d = json.loads(json.dumps(data).replace(f"{key1}", "Automat"))

see PEP 498.

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you can also do it with python

with open("samples.json", "r") as read_file:
    data = json.load(read_file)
    if data.get(key,None):

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I solved the problem with a workaround. I did the replacement before the json.loads

import json
import csv

with open("sensors.json", "r") as read_file:
    sensors = json.load(read_file)
with open ("samples.json", "r") as myfile:

for key1 in sensors:
    data = data.replace(key1, sensors[key1]['name'])

data = json.loads(data)

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The below code will replace '22981' key with 'Automat':

import json
outfile = open('outfile.json', 'w')
with open("samples.json", "r") as read_file:
for data in  read_file: #To iterate on multiple records in the file(here data is one json record), 
    data = json.loads(data)
    data["Automat"] = data.pop('22981', '')

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  • thank you, but this is not working with complex nested JSON-Structures...