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I have a problem with text in Shiny Dashboard. I would like to save original text formatting, but shiny removes the whitespaces I want to keep.

output$frame <- renderUI({
               p(strong("Name and Surname:"),("     John Smith"))

tabItem(tabName = "aaa",
                box(width = 6, solidHeader = TRUE, htmlOutput("frame")) 

Unfortunately I get "Name and Surname: John Smith". I wish to have "Name and Surname: John Smith".

How to solve this problem?

You can use HTML('&nbsp;') to add 1 whitespace and HTML('&emsp;') to add 1 tab space. In your code it wold be as follows:

output$frame <- renderUI({
          p(strong("Name and Surname:"), HTML('&nbsp;'),HTML('&nbsp;'),"John Smith")

With this you get two white spaces and output looks like this:

shiny fluidrow column white space, shiny fluidrow column white space � r shiny whitespace. I have a top banner that I want to split into two separate sections representing two� The .noWS parameter can take one or more other values to control whitespace in other ways: "before" suppresses whitespace before the opening tag. "after" suppresses whitespace after the closing tag. "after-begin" suppresses whitespace between the opening tag and its first child.

I found that we can also use stri_dup(intToUtf8(160), 6) from package stringi.

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I found this oddly difficult to achieve. Just adding the style element to pre-wrap introduced an extra new line:

p(strong("Name and Surname:"),("     John Smith"),style="white-space: pre-wrap")

No other style elements (margin:0, etc) could fix this...so,to get around it, I just converted your strong() to HTML, and it works great:

p(HTML("<b>Name and Surname:</b>         John Smith"),style="white-space: pre-wrap")

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  • Shiny probably doesn’t remove anything. But whitespace in HTML isn’t preserved — that’s just the way HTML works. Use CSS formatting instead of whitespace to align your elements.