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Quill ( makes it simple to embed a quality text editor in a web page. When pasting html content in the editor, it filters the pasted html and then puts it into the text editor. My question is: How can I configure Quill so it pastes only plain text in the text editor? It would filter out all tags and leave the plain text only.

The documentation about the Clipboard module ( says that it is possible to add custom Matchers to the Clipboard, that will kind of filter the pasted text.

I don't know how to write a matcher that only allows plain text. Any help and any examples are much appreciated - thanks!

After trial and error, I found the answer. The following matcher will cause the editor to paste plain text only:

quill.clipboard.addMatcher (Node.ELEMENT_NODE, function (node, delta) {
    var plaintext = $ (node).text ();
    return new Delta().insert (plaintext);

It uses jQuery. :)

Plain Text Mode � Issue #1562 � quilljs/quill � GitHub, Is it possible to have a Quill editor that only support plain text editing? E.g. no should be supported, pasting formatted text should convert it to plain text, etc. For the Quill side I will use code based on the Syntax module. How to paste plain text in a Quill-based editor. 4. Quill editor + VueJS2 image upload: Base64 image to URL. Hot Network Questions

Couldn't get the answer to work. Here's another method that patches the clipboard module to accept plain text only.

GitHub Gist:

Clipboard implementation:

import Quill from 'quill'
const Clipboard = Quill.import('modules/clipboard')
const Delta = Quill.import('delta')

class PlainClipboard extends Clipboard {
  onPaste (e) {
    const range = this.quill.getSelection()
    const text = e.clipboardData.getData('text/plain')
    const delta = new Delta()
    const index = text.length + range.index
    const length = 0
    this.quill.updateContents(delta, 'silent')
    this.quill.setSelection(index, length, 'silent')

export default PlainClipboard

Example usage:

import Quill from 'quill'
import PlainClipboard from './PlainClipboard'

Quill.register('modules/clipboard', PlainClipboard, true)

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Updated solution of teusbenschop - works without jQuery and also fix problem with missing Delta object.

    quill.clipboard.addMatcher (Node.ELEMENT_NODE, function (node, delta) {
        var plaintext = node.innerText;
        var Delta = Quill.import('delta');
        return new Delta().insert(plaintext);

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For the googlers;

I created a Quill plugin, that removes all tags and attributes that are not supported. Unless otherwise configured it detects that by looking into the toolbar module.

I thought I post it here so others will not have to struggle :)

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  • Is it possible to do the same thing using removeFormat()
  • @Natim please try it, would be great :)
  • I would but I am having a hard time finding out the range from the delta I get in the paste event.
  • why pasting into Natim's example <b>bbb</b> doesnt work(I use ctrl+v)? It shows string with tags?
  • What is this.quill in PlainClipboard? How do I get this.quill in PlainClipboard?
  • It's inherited from the Clipboard class provided by quill. Not sure if this changed. I use quill version 1.3.6.