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I need to find the - average length of all the words - the shortest and longest word length; and - how many words are in a separate text file, using c++. There are 79 words in the file and it is called "test.txt."

what i have so far is

#include <bits/stdc++.h> 
#include <cstdio> 

using namespace std; 

int main() 
    FILE* fp; 
    char buffer[100]; 

    fp = fopen("test.txt", "r"); 
    while (!feof(fp)) // to read file 
        // fucntion used to read the contents of file 
        fread(buffer, sizeof(buffer), 100, fp); 
        cout << buffer; 

    return 0; 

All this does is print out the words that are in the file.

I am using an online compiler until i can get to my desktop with visual studio 2017 later today

Well, with c++ instead of FILE* rather use a std::ifstream, a std::string word; variable and formatted text extraction operator>>() to read single words from the file in a loop:

std::ifstream infile("test.txt");
std:string word;
while(infile >> word) {

Count every word read from the file in a variable int wordCount;

int wordCount = 0;
while(infile >> word) {

Sum up the character lengths of the read words in another variable int totalWordsCharacters; (you can use the std::string::length() function to determine the number of characters used in a word).

int totalWordsCharacters = 0;
while(infile >> word) {
    totalWordsCharacters += word.length();

After you completed reading that file, you can easily compute the average length of words by dividing

int avgCharacterPerWord = totalWordsCharacters / wordCount;

Here's a complete working example, the only difference is the '\n' in your input file format was replaced by a simple blank character (' ').

Calculating Average Word Length (Microsoft Word), In later versions of Word display the File tab of the ribbon and then click Options. not only the average word length, but also other averages for the text. If you want to put the average word length into your document, you� In this program there is a text file named "report.txt" and we have to count the total number of words in this file. Remember, to do so one should know that each word is seperated by a single space or a full stop. Just using this concept we can code the program. #include"fstream.h" #include"conio.h" // Function to calculate the average word

If you want to have the average between ALL the words, you have to add all lengths together and divide it by the number of words in your file (You said 79 words)

But if you want to get the average between only the shortest word and the longest one you will have to first: Get those words.

You can do that by simply use two counters as you go through all words. The first counter will be set to the length of the current word if it has a smaller length as the first counter. The second counter will be set to the length of the current word if it has a grater length as the second counter.

Then you will add those two counters together and divide them by 2.

Text Analysis, #!/usr/local/bin/perl. # $word = lc($word);. $copy = ' ' . $word . ' '; # Block 3. Open the text file and get a line from it. open text_in I provide a program for calculating average sentence lengths or MLUw in Figure 5.8. Figure 5.8 A Perl� I am very new to Python and computer programming language. I have been working on a text file where I want to find the average length of words in a text file. Well, to start with: Let's say I have only one sentence in my text file (we can worry about the multiple sentences later). Here's the text:

Your problem is that you are writing C Code. This makes the problem harder.

In C++ reading a list of words from a file is simple using the >> operator.

std::ifstream  file("FileName");
std::string    word;
while(file >> word)
    // I have read another word from the file.
    // Do your calculations here.
// print out your results here after the loop.

Note the >> operator treats end of line just like a space and simply ignores it (It acts like a word separator).

Solved: Write A Program Using PYTHON To Calculate The Aver , Answer to Write a program using PYTHON to calculate the average length of the words of a sentence. Show transcribed image text Traceback (moist recent coll Aast) File "<pyshell#70>", line 1, in <module> mainO File "<pyshell#69>", sum sumlen(words) tine 6, in main UnboundLocaltrror: local variable 'sum referenced� AVERAGEA is a great function to use if you want to evaluate text values as part of an average calculation. The AVERAGE function ignores text values but AVERAGEA evaluates them as zeros. 70+ MUST KNOW EXCEL SHORTCUT KEYS: Download the pdf from our Excel training page UNDERSTAND & FIX EXCEL ERRORS: Download the pdf from our Excel training page

3 Processing Raw Text, You can use a web browser to save a page as text to a local file, then access this as A single character is nothing special — it's just a string of length 1. we compute the average number of words per sentence in the Brown Corpus:� World's simplest browser-based utility for finding text's length. Load your text in the input form on the left and you'll instantly get the length of text in the output area. Powerful, free, and fast. Load text – get its length. Created by developers from team Browserling.

Measure-Object (Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility), The Measure-Object cmdlet performs calculations on the property values of objects. and the characters, words, and lines in string objects, such as files of text. Get-ChildItem | Measure-Object -Property length -Minimum -Maximum - Average The first two commands retrieve all the services and processes on the local� In any case taking syllabes count, average sentence length, topic, statistical occurence of word in e.g. books, magazines, movies, spoken language, difficulty of text (taken as topic and uncommon words). There are a lot more factors, but giving the general idea that it is not sufficient to just calculate it from text is presented.

Use a PowerShell Cmdlet to Count Files, Words, and Lines , It can also tell me information about a text file. and find out the minimum length of the files in the folder, the maximum length, the average size,� C Program to Count Number of Words in a given file. In this example code, I am creating a text file “Info.txt” and writing into the string “Welcome to aticleworld”. When the file has been created successfully then open the file in reading mode and read all the string which has been written into the file at the time of the file creation.

  • This seems to have some rather straight forward next steps... Can you print out the length of each line? Can you add these lengths to an array? Can you take the average of an array of numbers? Please try these things and let us know if anything specific trips you up
  • Hi, you're not showing any code that determines "what is a word" and how long those words are, much less calculating an average. Also none of your code uses C++ techniques; it's all plain old C.
  • @Hoog I just cant get it to gather the string from a separate text file. The words are line by line in the file. e.g We (end line) are (end line) the (end line) best (end line)
  • fread() will read the specified number of characters, which is unrelated to individual words (or lines for that matter) in the file. You need to first check if fread() succeeds before doing anything with buffer (e.g. printing as you are gives undefined behaviour if fread() fails). Then examine the contents of buffer to find words (or the whitespace between them). fread() also assumes a binary file, and your code does not open the file in binary mode. There are better options to read the file than fread() if you want to read individual lines or words.
  • @ToniOluwole The approach proposed in my answer, would work with a word per line input as well. New line characters (end line in your terminology) would be ignored by the text extraction operator>>(), because they count as whitespace.
  • disregard the last comment, removed precompiled headers. It should work, but visual studio on my computersays there's an integer division by zero in line 18 with wordCount
  • Thank you, will integrate this