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Hi I'm trying to use Unity's cursor API to change the cursor when dragging an item from the player's inventory for example. The cursor does change, but the image is blurry due to anti-aliasing (presumably). The image is a simple 16x16 sprite that is not anti-aliased when shown in the game world but is when displayed as the cursor. Is there any way to turn anti-aliasing for the cursor off?

Also, when I run the game outside of the editor, the cursor image doesn't appear to work at all - it just displays some little dashes or some static.

The way I'm setting the cursor is like so:

texture = itemImg.sprite.texture;
Cursor.SetCursor(texture,, CursorMode.Auto);

Where itemImg is the UI Image that handles drags (the inventory slot)

Any help or advice is appreciated. Should I just ditch the Cursor API if it's going to have these issues? Thank you.

Scripting API: RenderTexture.antiAliasing, The Anti-aliasing effect gives graphics a smoother appearance. Aliasing is an effect where lines appear jagged or have a “staircase” appearance (as displayed � Problem is most visible in "link select" cursor — it has right border with 2px width. When I download another cursors and try to use them, they look even more ugly — without any aliasing, they are totally unusable. Other default cursor themes have same problems, and I could not find anything helpful in google, please help.

Anti-aliasing - Unity, Here you can see my cursors from default themes (on real cursor they look like in customize panel). Problem is most visible in "link select" cursor — it has right� clip coordinates (w x, wy, w) with z deleted This is the usual projection from world coordinates to clip coordinates, but now the z row has been deleted.

Cursor images look ugly: too sharp, no antialiasing, Auto will automatically resize to what Unity wants your cursor size to be, so I set my cursor with CursorMode. If not, how can I fix it? Epictickle Make sure your texture is set as Cursor in the import settings and that it is 32x32. as can be seen in the video, i get texture glitches on my guns with temporal anti aliasing on, and it’s bugging me. fxaa doesn’t do that, but the edges get jagged. is there a way to fix this glitches? i’m using a rtx 2070.

Cursor size, I have been using Ansys for awhile and haven't had any issues, until a I just have a number of settings relating to Antialiasing, DSR, Texture� Other thing is Anti-Aliasing: What is the best looking AA technique and what is the most impacting on FPS and input lag? As far as i can see it: TAA is the less FPS impacting AA but the picture doesn't look that good while SMAA 1/12 is giving a good looking picture but not that sharp edges and impacting FPS the most.

Issue with cursor trails in meshing tool, [NOT BUG] Anti-Aliasing and Other Video Issues - ATI 5870 controlled" in CCC and tried to enable any form of AA in-game and just get the game cursor with a black screen. Here is a screen-shot of the missing textures. Windows has been getting increasingly smooth looking and anti-aliased. About a year ago, I made the first version of these cursors, which look pretty much exactly the same as the Windows XP cursors, only these are anti-aliased. New in 1.5: - Cursor set is now complete - Fixed some misalignment/offset issues

[NOT BUG] Anti-Aliasing and Other Video Issues, We demonstrate texture filtering, ambient occlusion, bloom, If you drag your mouse cursor across the screen with V-Sync enabled, you might accomplish anti-aliasing, they all aim to fix the same problem: jagged edges of� - set anti-aliasing-mode to override application settings - set filter to edge-detect - set anti-aliasing-samples to 12xEQ - set anti-aliasing method to multi-sampling - deactivate the morphologic filter - I also always set texture quality to high (for all games) This worked for me. The game runs very smooth now and looks nice.