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So I have a list of combinations as mentioned below which I needed to be split with an alphabet and a number following it.

I want it to be split as below using MS Excel; Text to Columns Delimit function or any other efficient function-

I tried using Fixed Width which doesn't work if there are 2 or more digits numeric value after the alphabetical character. Is there a way to do this as I have to repeat this for a 13000 combinations?

Since the Text are constant, create a header row of the constants and with your values starting in A1, put this formula in B2 and copy over and down:


How to force MS Word 2010 to split words anywhere, Word allows you to create split windows, each of which allows you to look at a different portion of your document. You can also use the split� Next, click “Show Document” in “Master Document” group. And you will notice both “Create” and “Insert” option are now available. Then click the plus sign ahead of the first mark word so as to select this part of text. Lastly, click “Create” to start splitting the document.

Insert a delimiter character where ever the pattern is found then split the modified string into new columns.

Option Explicit

Sub makeSplit()

    Dim i As Long, j As Long, str As String, arr As Variant

    'set the worksheet
    With Worksheets("sheet5")

        'step throughj the cells in column A
        For i = .Cells(.Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row To 2 Step -1

            'put the cell value into a variable
            str = .Cells(i, "A").Value2

            'step through the characters in the sting backwards
            For j = Len(str) - 1 To 3 Step -1

                'is the current character alphabetic and the previous character a digit?
                If Not IsNumeric(Mid(str, j, 1)) And IsNumeric(Mid(str, j - 1, 1)) Then

                    'insert a space
                    str = Left(str, j - 1) & Space(1) & Mid(str, j)

                End If

            Next j

            'split the string using the space as delimiter
            .Cells(i, "A").Resize(1, UBound(Split(str, Space(1))) + 1) = Split(str, Space(1))

        Next i

    End With

End Sub

Splitting the Window (Microsoft Word) - Word ribbon tips, Microsoft Word 2010 provides many formatting options; you can even split a page Right-click anywhere inside the table and select "Borders and Shading" from� Original Title: "Double image of text document" I've created a 1-page document and set the orientation to landscape. Now I need to split the page vertically so that the text is the same on both halves

I found a way but is going to be resource intensive.

First have in a sheet all your strings in a column, and make sure you have columns free right to that column.

Then make a new, empty, first row, and put in the letters R, C, P, D, O, S, since you said they are always in that order. These are the recognition letters, needed for the formula.

Now under each letter, right of each string, put in the formula


This works only if the numbers are no longer then 2 digits, for three it would be


For four, keep on adding an IFERROR() with the )),2) )),3) increasing like above.

Once all the formulas have evaluated, you can copy and paste as values if you want to get rid of the formulas.

Example sheet (Dutch Excel):

How to Split a Page Into Four Parts in Microsoft Word, (4) You do not need to add delimiter to the end of the original file, if you do, there will be a blank document after splitting. arrow blue right bubble Split Word� Split Word document by heading/page/section break/page break with using Kutools for Word If you have Kutools for Word installed, you can apply its Splitfunction to easily split one document into multiple ones by page, heading, section break, or page break as you need in Word..

How to split document into multiple documents in word?, Parse from Anywhere. It works from all platforms including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. All files are processed on our servers. No plugin or software� The following macro will work in any version of Word from Word 97 onwards, splitting the document at each Section Break. Sub splitter() ' splitter Macro ' Macro created by Doug Robbins to save each letter created by a mailmerge ' as a separate file, retaining the header and footer information.

Split Word Document Online, There should be at least two characters (plus the hyphen) on the first line and at Divide a hyphenated word at the hyphen (with the hyphen remaining on the first Wherever possible, avoid word breaks, but if you must have them make sure� To split pages in Word with the help of columns: Select the text on the page you want to split into two halves. Don’t select any text if you want to split all pages in your Word document. Click on the Layout tab. In the Page Setup group, click on the Columns button. A shortcut menu appears with five column options. To split your page or pages

Word division, I realize this is an old question and the OP has either solved their problem or to each word in the list, adding the space whenever successful. Currently, I can split the word document into multiple ones. Such as there are 13 pages in a word document. I want to split into 3 single word documents. The first one contains page 1 to page 5, the second one contains page 6 to page 10. the third one contains the last 3 pages. When I split the file into 3 word documents, I found I could split

  • Are there ever two letters in a row or do only numbers repeat?
  • This can be done, but it is FAR from ideal to do this in Excel. If possible, I would find another solution. Are you ok with using VBA?
  • @cybernetic.nomad There is always only one alphabet followed by number from 0-55. So yes there can be repetition for numbers. It's always RXCXPXDXMXOXSX.
  • @Roemer I haven't worked with VB Scripting but I can adapt.
  • Wow we found at the same time pretty much the same answer
  • Even though this worked just as I needed it to. I'm gonna try the other solutions from @Roemer as well.
  • Thank you. Tried running a VBA for the first time and it worked. Thumbsup!