ASP.NET MVC .mdf file missing

I have a problem that my mvc application somehow can't create a localdb .mdf file.

For example, I am creating a new web project in VS 2015 and debug it. When I go to register and enter some new user, the app throws an exception that the file cannot be found...

I know there are similar posts, but none of the solutions helped me.

My connection string looks like this:

<add name="DefaultConnection" 
     connectionString="Data Source=(LocalDb)\MSSQLLocalDB;AttachDbFilename=C:\Users\User\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\Auth1\Auth1\App_Data\aspnet-Auth1-20160121104112.mdf;Initial Catalog=aspnet-Auth1-20160121104112;Integrated Security=True" 
     providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />

I already tried changing the keyword AttachDbFilename to


I tried playing around with the Data Source.

I tried giving permission to the the SQL Server user to the folder...

I checked that VS, SQL Server 2014 and the Windows User are all using the same user.

I mean, how can a project from scratch already have a bug?

Have you tried removing this part entirely?

(the part being : AttachDbFilename=C:\Users\User\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\Auth1\Auth1\App_Data\aspnet-Auth1-20160121104112.mdf)

if that doesn't work have you installed localdb?

.mdf file missing under the App_Data folder in ASP.NET MVC, Check your web.config and notice the connectionString and see the data source, maybe it is creating it under your SQL Server not inside the� I was trying the ASP.Net MVC 4 tutorial. When I have added the following code and build the application I was expecting Movies.mdf file will be created under App_Data folder on the Solution Explorer.

Remove all the thinigs for entity related to .mdf and add again from start point

This will be automatic add all required reference and artifacts.

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You can try to create a database inside your project(or in your solution) from scratch. Lets see whats going to happen? If there will be error, the error message will give us a hint.

No database mdf file found in app_data folder , Net MVC 4" e-book, and ran into a problem straight away. After I create an mvc 4 I should see a db mdf file in the aap_data folder which I can drill into to view the tables. The server was not found or was not accessible. At 4:24 he tells you to type "update-database" into the console. I did that, and it seems to have worked since we both got the same message. But when I go to the "App_Data" folder after selecting "Show All Files," the folder is completely empty, but he has a .MDF file there on the video. What am I missing?

  1. Is this a new project?

  2. Have you build and run the project?

That database will be created by the identity when a user tries to login/register. Afterwards you'll see the mdf file in the directory you specified in the connection string.

Can't see the .mdf file in the App_data folder? #mvc #aspnet , The Operation failed because the file was not found. Mac Book Pro 2013 Black screen � Games taken off app stores. Top Posts & Pages. Replaces the template instances of "My ASP.NET MVC Application" and "your logo here" with "Contoso University". Adds several action links that will be used later in the tutorial. In Views\Home\Index.cshtml, replace the contents of the file with the following code to eliminate the template paragraphs about ASP.NET and MVC:

If you are working with C:\inetpub\wwwroot and you are using IIS express, make sure that app_data folder in the project is given full access for the current logged in user.

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How to Add SQL Database (.mdf) in ASP.NET Website, mdf) in ASP.NET Website. Which are given below: Step1:- First open your visual studio 2010-> go File-> click New Website->� Setting up the database to work with ASP.NET Option A: If you are starting from scratch you will need to create an SQL Server database and then configure the tables on that database using a utility. ASP.NET includes a program called Aspnet_regsql.exe which you can run locally to configure your database.

Part 5, work with a database in an ASP.NET Core MVC app , mdf files in the C:/Users/{user} directory. From the View menu, open SQL Server Object Explorer (SSOX). View menu. Right click on the Movie� Attach a database file: The physical path of the primary .mdf file. Logical Name: The name that you want to use with the file. Select the OK button. When you're prompted, select the Yes button to upgrade the file. The database is upgraded, is attached to the LocalDB database engine, and is no longer compatible with the older version of LocalDB.

Using localdb in development, I want to have localdb database files included into Visual Studio solution NET solution will ask: “You are attempting to add a special file type Double click on the newly created .mdf file in Solution Explorer and it definition is a solution folder or an App_Data folder under ASP. NET MVC application →.

  • Please could you post the exact exception you are receiving. And, does that file actually exist on the filesystem or not?
  • Wow, i really didn't have Localdb installed... I assumed by installing MS SQL Server Express, it would install LocalDB with it, but nah. Thank you a lot! I was searching for a solution for about 5-6 hours...
  • yes, completely new project, only files created by VS. I have built and debugged the application (F6-F5).