Removing from List with date comparing

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I have to remove all objects before param.getFromDateTime and after params.getToDateTime. I did it like this:

for (ListIterator<Doc> iterator = doc.listIterator(); iterator.hasNext(); ) {
            if(param.getFromDateTime() != null
              && doc.get(iterator.nextIndex()).getDate().before(params.getFromTime())) {
            if(params.getToDateTime() != null
              && doc.get(iterator.nextIndex()).getDate().after(params.getToDateTime())) {

Can I do it better and more clear?

You don't need two loops and you don't need ListIterator either. Note that the two conditions may be true but that you want remove only one element in any case because invoking twice remove() will rise an exception. You could also extract directly the date from the iterated Doc object to make it still a little bit clearer :

for (Iterator<Doc> iterator = doc.iterator(); iterator.hasNext(); ) {
      Date date =;

      if( (param.getFromDateTime() != null && date.before(params.getFromTime())) 
          || (params.getToDateTime() != null && date.after(params.getToDateTime()))) {


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A java-8 aproximation with stream api:

List<Doc> docs = ...;
Stream<Doc> stream =;
LocalDateTime fromDateTime = param.getFromDateTime();
LocalDateTime toDateTime = param.getToDateTime();
if (fromDateTime != null){
    stream = stream.filter(d -> !d.getDate().before(fromDateTime);
if (toDateTime != null){
    stream = stream.filter(d -> !d.getDate().after(toDateTime);
docs = stream.collect(Collectors.toList());

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You might want to use List.removeIf in case you are using Java 8:

List<Doc> docs = generateSomeValues(); // this ist just an imaginary filling of the list
// check if the params are not null and remove dates that are not in the given interval
docs.removeIf(doc ->
    (params.getFromTime() != null && doc.getDate().before(params.getFromTime()))
    || (params.getToDateTime() != null && doc.getDate().after(params.getToDateTime()))

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  • Why do you call doc.get(iterator.nextIndex()) instead of and reusing the returned element? And why do you use 2 nested loops?
  • I think you should post this to codereview, not here.
  • The warning about Exception while calling remove() two times is very useful! Thanks a lot!
  • You are welcome. I added an additional refactoring. Finally we don't need Doc variable here.