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I am having trouble getting data from an Access Database. I found this code online, and it seems to work (to an extent), but for some reason it will only pull the column headers, and none of the data from the query. I am not too familiar with Access, that is why I pulled one from offline.

Someone had a similar post a while back, where the code they used was the same, and our queries were exactly the same, but we had different issues. Importing Data From Access Using Excel VBA

Would anyone happen to know why the data won't pull?

Sub getDataFromAccess()   

Dim DBFullName As String
Dim Connect As String, Source As String
Dim Connection As ADODB.Connection
Dim Recordset As ADODB.Recordset
Dim Col As Integer
Dim startdt As String
Dim stopdt As String
Dim refresh

refresh = MsgBox("Start New Query?", vbYesNo)
If refresh = vbYes Then
    startdt = Application.InputBox("Please Input Start Date for Query (MM/DD/YYYY): ", "Start Date")
    stopdt = Application.InputBox("Please Input Stop Date for Query (MM/DD/YYYY): ", "Stop Date")

    DBFullName = "X:\MyDocuments\CMS\CMS Database.mdb"
    ' Open the connection
    Set Connection = New ADODB.Connection
    Connect = "Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;"
    Connect = Connect & "Data Source=" & DBFullName & ";"
    Connection.Open ConnectionString:=Connect

    Set Recordset = New ADODB.Recordset
    With Recordset
        Source = "SELECT * FROM Tracking WHERE [Date_Logged] BETWEEN " & startdt & " AND " & stopdt & " ORDER BY [Date_Logged]"
        .Open Source:=Source, ActiveConnection:=Connection

        For Col = 0 To Recordset.Fields.Count - 1
            Range("A1").Offset(0, Col).Value = Recordset.Fields(Col).Name

        Range("A1").Offset(1, 0).CopyFromRecordset Recordset
    End With
    Set Recordset = Nothing
    Set Connection = Nothing

End Sub

The posted code is missing End If line. Perhaps this is just a posting typo because code should not compile and run.

The query SQL needs # delimiters for the date parameters:

Source = "SELECT * FROM Tracking WHERE [Date_Logged] BETWEEN #" & startdt & "# AND #" & stopdt & "# ORDER BY [Date_Logged]"

Text field would need apostrophe delimiters. Number field does not need delimiters.

Excel VBA to Extract Data from an Access Database, Query an Access Database from Excel **The VBA code used in this video can be found here:�Duration: 14:47 Posted: Aug 30, 2015 I have a huge Database I want to get data from just by using VBA coding in Excel. I know how (or at least have some coding from a course I attended) to get the data from a table, however I need to specify that I only want data from X date to Y date. For example, get all data from 01 Aug 2010 to 31 Aug 2010. Unfortunately it's this part I'm

I solved the answer to my own question after hours, i found a different set of code that worked fine. Thank you all for your help!

Sub getdatamdb()
          Dim cn As Object, rs As Object
          Dim intColIndex As Integer
          Dim DBFullName As String
          Dim TargetRange As Range

10        DBFullName = "X:\MyDocuments\CMS\CMS Database.mdb"

20        On Error GoTo Whoa

30        Application.ScreenUpdating = False

40        Set TargetRange = Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A1")

50        Set cn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
60        cn.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=" & DBFullName & ";"

70        Set rs = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
80        rs.Open "SELECT * FROM Tracking WHERE [Date_Logged] BETWEEN #" & startdt & "# AND #" & stopdt & "# ORDER BY [Date_Logged]", cn, , , adCmdText

          ' Write the field names
90        For intColIndex = 0 To rs.Fields.Count - 1
100           TargetRange.Offset(1, intColIndex).Value = rs.Fields(intColIndex).Name
110       Next

          ' Write recordset
120       TargetRange.Offset(1, 0).CopyFromRecordset rs

130       Application.ScreenUpdating = True
140       On Error Resume Next
150       rs.Close
160       Set rs = Nothing
170       cn.Close
180       Set cn = Nothing
190       On Error GoTo 0
200       Exit Sub
210       MsgBox "Error Description :" & Err.Description & vbCrLf & _
             "Error at line     :" & Erl & vbCrLf & _
             "Error Number      :" & Err.Number
220       Resume LetsContinue
End If
End Sub

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Import data from Access to Excel (ADO) using VBA in Microsoft Excel, With the procedure below you can import data from an Access table to a worksheet. The macro examples assumes that your VBA project has added a reference to the ADO object library. ActiveX Data Objects x.x Object Library. Use ADO if you can choose between ADO and DAO for data import or export. Two weeks ago I published a VBA code for retrieving values from DBF (database) files. Some days after that post, I received some e-mail requests about doing the same, but for Access databases. More precisely, two blog readers (Josh and Maria) asked me to write two different VBA codes for running Access queries directly from Excel.

How to Connect Excel to Access Database using VBA, To Connect Excel to Access Database through VBA, we can use ADO connection . These Access databases are easily connected to excel as data source. ' getting data from the recordset if any and printing it in column A of excel sheet. If ( rec. In Access 2010 the encryption method changed for database passwords, and the ADO provider's "Jet OLEDB:Database Password" keyword does not appear to work with the new method. Here, I had to remove the password, go into Access->File->Options->Client Settings->Advanced and check "use legacy encryption", then recreate the password.

Get Data from Access Database using Excel VBA – Free Excel , Watch the training video to learn how you can quickly and easily get data into an Excel worksheet for further analysis from a database using VBA. I am copying an VBA code snippet from MSDN that shows me how to grab results from a SQL query into excel sheet (Excel 2007): Sub GetDataFromADO() 'Declare variables' Set objMyConn = New

VBA Code to Import Access Table /Query data to Excel, I want my excel macro to read some values from this Access DB and then update some variable when opening excel . Also if Access doesn't work , whether I can� To make an external data query to an Access database table, follow these steps: In Excel, click the From Access button in the Get External Data group on the Data tab. Excel opens the Select Data Source dialog box. Access database tables are not the only external data sources on which you can perform external data queries.

  • 2 things you can try: First, change your query to have ... BETWEEN #" & startdt & "# AND #" stopdt & "# ORDER BY ... (maybe needs to format the date like worksheetfunction.text(startdt, "M/D/YYYY")). If that doesn't work, try to add a .MoveFirst right after the .Open Source:=... on next line.
  • @FXD neither of those seemed to do the trick :(. would it have anything to do with my database being a .mdb file instead of a .accdb file?
  • No it has nothing to do with the extension. Try ISO format ("YYYY-MM-DD") maybe. If that still doesn't work (have you checked Recordset.RecordCount btw?), do you have anything against Excel data connection (i.e. get data in a spreadsheet without using VBA)?
  • @FXD nothing against Excel data connection, this isnt for me, its for another team at my place of work.
  • Note that in the line Range("A1").Offset(1, 0).CopyFromRecordset Recordset, the quotes in the Range("A1") are the wrong unicode characters. It has to be Range("A1")