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If I want to run a series of Web service calls every hour. How can I do that from my Web Server?

I'm guessing there is a timer which needs to be deployed somewhere so it counts down and when the time is up, it would consume those Web service again and retrieve the returned XML data to be stored in database. Then the timer resets again.

If you want to do this from within an ASP.NET web application, check out the Quartz.NET Job Scheduler, it's perfect for this sort of thing.

Otherwise you could run a separate application as Windows Service with a timer, or a console application as a Windows scheduled task.

Timer on Website to activate Web Service calls every hour, If I want to run a series of Web service calls every hour. How can I do that from my Web Server? I'm guessing there is a timer which needs to be deployed� Declare and instantiate System.Threading.Timer in the constructor of my web service (right next to the commented out line: //InitializeComponent();). Fire timer every 30 minutes. Note: Because I am using System.Threading.Timer I should not have to run keep-alive code according to msdn Tip #6 below.

You can use System.Threading.Timer class with application Start event in global.asax:

protected static Timer timer;

protected void Application_Start(Object sender, EventArgs e)
    timer = new Timer(MyRoutineToCall, null, TimeSpan.FromHours(1), TimeSpan.FromHours(1));

protected void MyRoutineToCall(Object state)
    // do your stuff here

Tutorial: Creating a Web Service with Timer Control, TimerControl base class) that calls back the client web service every two seconds . the timer control; once started the timer control will call back the web service� A hosted service is a class with background task logic that implements the IHostedService interface. This topic provides three hosted service examples: Background task that runs on a timer. Hosted service that activates a scoped service. The scoped service can use dependency injection (DI). Queued background tasks that run sequentially.

Why not just use cron? Cron is set up to do just this sort of thing.

34.4 Using the Timer Service, The following expression represents 4:00 a.m., every hour from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. using a When a programmatic timer expires (goes off), the container calls the method at http://docs.oracle.com/javaee/7/api/javax/ejb/TimerService.html . In other words, remote clients and web service clients cannot access a bean's� Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained how to build a simple Windows Service that runs periodically at regular intervals and as well as once a day at specific (certain) time of day using C# and VB.Net. The Windows service will support two modes 1. Interval mode: where Windows Service execute a task at regular intervals after some delay 2. Daily mode: where the Windows Service will execute a

The Windows Task Scheduler may be what you need.

Using the Timer and TimerTask Classes, is an example of using a timer to perform a task after a delay: Timer to schedule a task * to execute once 5 seconds have passed. adds beeping, which requires us to also add a call to the System.exit method to make the program exit. As long as your timer task uses only API designed to be thread-safe — such as the� If the TV helps you get to sleep at night, set the sleep timer to have it turn off once you fall asleep. Using your TV remote, navigate to Settings > General > System Manager > Time > Sleep Timer, and then select the amount of time you would like the TV to stay on before powering itself off. You can set the sleep timer up to 180 minutes, after

Another approach is to use an IIS Auto-Start website contaning your Windows Service logic. The IIS Auto-start is supierior to using a Windows Service as it contains all the IIS application hosting logic including auto-restart, and aggressive resource management. A poorly written Windows Service can take down a Server but it takes a lot for an ASP.net IIS hosted application to take down its host (its almost impossible).

Auto Starting Websites

Run Procedures at Set Intervals with Timer Component, Learn how use the Windows Form Timer component to run procedures See the following Example section for an illustration of how to do this private void InitializeTimer() { // Call this procedure when the application starts. There are scenarios when ASP.NET web application needs to execute some code on regular basis. That could be creating of some reports every day, sending a reminder e-mail, keep website alive by calling dummy page every 10 minutes, backup data etc. ASP.NET has not straightforward and reliable solution for tasks like these.

OutSystems Platform Timers and Asynchronous Processes , A Timer is an OutSystems tool that allows executing application logic the Timer that calls a Web Service in the module where the Timer is defined for executing it. The Web Service returns the control to the Scheduler Service, which now and that's to be executed 2 hours after ending the last execution. Change these settings on your new Android phone. Sarah Tew/CNET If you just got a new Android phone, you're in for a treat.Android users often tout their platform as superior to the iPhone's iOS

How to Call a Function Repeatedly after Fixed Time Interval in jQuery, WEB TUTORIALS How to call a function repeatedly after fixed time interval in jQuery example the showTime() function is called repeatedly after every 1000 milliseconds (i.e. 1 second) until you tell it to stop. $("#demo").html(t); // display time on the page; }; function stopFunction(){; clearInterval(myVar); // stop the timer ; } The Elapsed event handler is called every 3 seconds. We store the Timer as a static field. Part 2: The code here adds the current DateTime to a List every 3 seconds (when the Timer is invoked). DateTime List. Part 3: We call PrintTimes. We wait 2 seconds between calls for the demonstration—this is separate from the core timer functionality. Sleep

Timer workflow activity, Some time after: The duration is lengthened by the Time after days and hours. Percentage. Appears only when Timer based on is A relative duration or A date/ time� Only 10% of people say they feel “in control” of how they spend their time. RescueTime is the world’s most powerful time management software. Start your free 14-day trial today.'

  • Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I'm looking at making changes to Global.asax since the Web site is on a shared hosting environment. stackoverflow.com/questions/1356789/quartz-net-with-asp-net
  • Hi again, how do I prevent this from happening? forums.asp.net/p/1520519/3652545.aspx
  • Interesting. I also came across this one. Why would cache be used here? blog.stackoverflow.com/2008/07/easy-background-tasks-in-aspnet.
  • @Jason, maybe because that's one of the ways to use Tasks. Though I don't know why Jeff would do that instead of creating a task manually. Probably my guess is wrong :)
  • I'm not sure whether Cron is available with windows hosting. Correcting if I'm wrong.