ag-grid in angular scroll bar is not working

I gave 1000 of rows and 50 columns. Here everything is working fine.

but it vartical scroll is not rolling, horizontal scroll is not showing

How to fix is ?


<ag-grid-angular #agGrid style="width: 100%; height: 550px;" id="myGrid" class="ag-theme-balham" [rowData]="rowData" [columnDefs]="columnDefs" [enableSorting]="true" [multiSortKey]="multiSortKey" [animateRows]="true" [paginationPageSize]="paginationPageSize" [pagination]="true" [enableRangeSelection]="true" [enableFilter]="true" [floatingFilter]="true" [getRowHeight]="getRowHeight" [suppressPaginationPanel]="true" [suppressScrollOnNewData]="true" (gridReady)="onGridReady($event)" > </ag-grid-angular>


Remove [suppressScrollOnNewData]="true" from ag-grid selector

Scrolling Scenarios, I am taking below example from AG-Grid documentation to explain this. Expected Behavior: Both Horiz and Vertical Scrolls bars have to display� ag-Grid is a feature-rich datagrid available in Free or Enterprise versions. There are four available Row Models, the Infinite Row Model allows the grid to lazy load rows from the server dependent on scroll position.

import ag-grid-community css files instead of ag-grid

 @import 'ag-grid-community/dist/styles/ag-grid.css';
 @import 'ag-grid-community/dist/styles/ag-theme-material.css';

ag-grid/ag-grid, const ps = new PerfectScrollbar('.ag-body-viewport-wrapper', { wheelSpeed: 20 }); I have use this code in app.module.ts , am using angular version 6. @tmt003 -ho perfect scrollbar is not working when my horizontal scroll� When true, the grid will not scroll to the top when new row data is provided. Use this if you don't want the default behaviour of scrolling to the top every time you load new data. Default: false: suppressAnimationFrame: When true, the grid will not use animation frames when drawing rows while scrolling. Use this if the grid is working fast

same problem here; it started happening with the upgrade from v19 to v20 of the ag-angular-grid; issue is being tracked (

How to add perfect scrollbar to ag-grid � Issue #814 � mdbootstrap , The example In my browser, the scrollbar appears to cover most of the last row in the top table. The code is not working on Framework (Angular / React) examples at� Depending on your scroll position the last item's group data may not be visible when clicking on the expand icon. You can resolve this by using the function api.ensureIndexVisible() . This ensures the index is visible, scrolling the table if needed.

suppressHorizontalScroll not used in docs, not working � Issue , When there is less rows, vertical scrollbar not appears, and width is ok. while the workaround Lazarencjusz uses may work for him, in angular the In ag-grid we have recently started processing github issues as well as� In my code scroll bar is working but it is not showing exact scroll bar position as per selected/highlighted row in child window. And please provide inputs for to show the scrollbar in child window as per selected/highlighted row position in ag-grid. Note: It has to scroll automatically like selected row position in ag-grid.

Using sizeColumnsToFit Vertical Scrollbar overlaps column hence , Horizontal Scrollbar not rendering properly on mac #2962 View the example at : Scrolling in both directions is broken in my Angular 7 project when upgrading to v20.x. AG-Grid: Is it possible to move the status bar / status panel to the top of the grid, between the header & rows? Posted on July 6, 2020 by Ollie F We have a requirement to display a custom Angular component at the top of the grid, between the header rows and data rows, similar to a Pinned Row , but with our own custom content that spans all the

Horizontal Scrollbar not rendering properly on mac � Issue #2962 , I have a problem with usability of Ag-Grid in Angular 2 app, while using IE11/ Edge/Safari. Because nature and quantity of data is sometimes quite big, i need to� i'm using AG Grid Angular to create a log view, i will add a lot of entries per second to the grid, typically this type of view's has the newest entry at the bottom, so it would be great if there is a good way where the scrolling will stick at the bottom, so i can always see the latest entry.

  • Can you reproduce this in plunker?
  • hey, can you provide me the solution to avoid that problem?
  • can you create a plunkr