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I would like to split my title in my ColumnChart into 2 (or more) lines.


I tried using the pipe ("|") symbol as follows, but it doesn't work, neither does "\n".

var options = {"title":"My first line | \n this should be the second line!"};

Thank you for your attention!

And in javascript, in your chart options variable, just add \n where you want a break, like:

vAxis: { title: "Line one of the title\nLine two of the title" }

Line Chart | Charts, current problem is that my chart titles and axis labels can be long and I want to wrap them to two lines for readability. I've tried inserting | (which� Creating a Material Line Chart is similar to creating what we'll now call a "Classic" Line Chart. You load the Google Visualization API (although with the 'line' package instead of the 'corechart' package), define your datatable, and then create an object (but of class google.charts.Line instead of google.visualization.LineChart).

The Google Visualization API charts don't support line breaks in the titles. I am given to understand that support for using HTML is in the pipeline (which would allow you to use <br /> tags for line breaks), so keep an eye out for announcements to that effect in the Visualization API group.

[visualization-api] Line breaks in axis labels and chart titles, I can't seem to find a way to automatically wrap long text in the chart title. This leads to only portion of the title to be visible in case very long� Both axes of bubble charts. The minor axis. In line, area, bar, column and candlestick charts (and combo charts containing only such series), you can control the type of the major axis: For a discrete axis, set the data column type to string. For a continuous axis, set the data column type to one of: number, date, datetime or timeofday.

The \n option seems to work now. I have just used:

var options = {title: 'Heading\nSub-heading'}

and got this output:

Heading Sub-heading

Perhaps this is a recent addition.

Automatic line break in title, You can add a second Y-axis to a line, area, or column chart. On your computer, open a spreadsheet in Google Sheets. Double-click the Add & edit axes titles. The above example shows you how to create ColumnChart using built-in Google Charts. In this example, for purpose of chart demonstration only, we do use mock-up data from array. As you can see, the KoolReport's widget in general support dataSource could be DataStore, Process, DataSource or even simple array.

In case someone need this tips for add break line on ColumnName (DataTableChart) you can use <br> but need to add on chart options : { allowHtml: true }

Edit your chart's axes - Computer - Docs Editors Help, We've already seen the configuration used to draw this chart in Google Chart. Following is an example of a basic line chart with customized axis and tick labels. <html> <head> <title>Google Charts Tutorial</title> <script type = "text/ javascript" src = ""> LineChart( document. Well organized and easy to understand Web building tutorials with lots of examples of how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Python, Bootstrap, Java and XML.

You need to add ASCII code 10.

In Ruby I used the following:

Label = first_line_string + 10.chr + second_line_string

Basic Line Chart With Customizable axis and tick labels , <title> Multi series Line chart using Google Visualization</title> 26 Apr 2013 Google #2 Use a clustered column chart when the data series you want to compare placed in 2 columns, you can use a blank row to separate and break the line. Google bar charts are rendered in the browser using SVG or VML, whichever is appropriate for the user's browser. Like all Google charts, bar charts display tooltips when the user hovers over the data. For a vertical version of this chart, see the column chart. Examples

Google line chart multiple series, getElementById('piechart1')); chart.draw(data, { title: "Column Chart of Google Chart in", position: "top", fontsize: "14px", seriesType:� Google charts can animate smoothly in one of two ways, either on startup when you first draw the chart, or when you redraw a chart after making a change in data or options. To animate on startup: Set your chart data and options.

Draw two lines in column chart google charts � Issue #2153 � google , Prefixes and Postfixes; Number Formatting; Label Length A line chart with labels enabled for both Y-axes and disabled for the X-axis is shown in the sample� Tooltips: an introduction. Tooltips are the little boxes that pop up when you hover over something. (Hovercards are more general, and can appear anywhere on the screen; tooltips are always attached to something, like a dot on a scatter chart, or a bar on a bar chart.)

Axes Labels Formatting | Axes and Grids, Subtitles have exactly the same properties as title but with smaller font size by default. var chart = new CanvasJS.Chart� Dashboards are charts that have controls and filters attached to them to enable altering the view of the data through the controls. For example, You want to view a sub-set of your data, you can attach a number filter, and change the display of the chart through number sliders. To break it down into parts, a dashboard is created by: