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I have an Openshift simple test script, but I get an error, and I have no idea how to solve it. Someone said define SKIP_TLS = true in your Jenkins pipeline parametered definition will solve problem.

My script:

openshift.withCluster( "${KUBERNETES_SERVICE_HOST}", "${AUTH_TOKEN}") {
    openshift.withProject( "ph1" ) {
    def latestDeploymentVersion = 
    echo ${latestDeploymentVersion}

I got error, I don’t know what I can do. How can I skip --certificate-authority=/var/run/secrets/ in oc command?

ERROR: Unable to retrieve object markup with get; action failed: {reference={}, err=error: unable to read certificate-authority /var/run/secrets/ for console-appcanvas-net:8443 due to open /var/run/secrets/ The system cannot find the path specified., verb=get, cmd=oc --server= --certificate-authority=/var/run/secrets/ --namespace=ph1 --token=XXXXX get deploymentconfig/feign -o=json , out=, status=1} Finished: FAILURE

Replace https to insecure in KUBERNETES_SERVICE_HOST


Issue switching to another cluster � Issue #54 � openshift/jenkins , {reference={}, err=error: unable to read certificate-authority well as the pipeline script snippet where you reference that cluster via openshift. Docker Questions. Docker questions and answers. Home; Submit Question; Site not accessable using Nginx and Docker

Certificate authority is always expected � Issue #94 � openshift , If i manually run the same command, without the certificate-authority specified, the command succeeds. stages { stage ('Do something') { steps { script { openshift. for an external Jenkins talking to an openshift cluster and the Jenkins host -certs-ignore-mounted-certs-for-client-plugin-pipelineintegration. Warning: There are two versions of bash-completion, v1 and v2. V1 is for Bash 3.2 (which is the default on macOS), and v2 is for Bash 4.1+. The kubectl completion script doesn't work correctly with bash-completion v1 and Bash 3.2.

Change the url protocol the following example:

from: https://cluster_url:port // (https should changed with insecure)

to: insecure://cluster_url:port

Redeploying Certificates | Installation and Configuration, Overview � Jenkins Redeploying All Certificates Using the Current OpenShift Container Platform and up and redeploying these certificates, which can fix common certificate errors. You can open the following file in your browser to view it: When the master services are restarted, the registry and routers can continue� The RPM package contains a post-install script to ensure ownership on several files including JENKINS_HOME. Therefore if High Availability is setup, this could lead to I/O Errors - for example when upgrading one node while another one is still running. More information is available in JENKINS-23273.

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