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Does anyone know if there is a way to check the status of a job currently running in the database or the status of how many % has actually been executed.

I am running a job but the job is taking a long time so I would like to check how many % has been executed from the query. I am running the query in Oracle sqldeveloper

Due to the set-based nature of SQL and database processing, you can't really get a "% complete" of a query since the oracle engine doesn't really know for sure. You could try looking at the view v$session_longops to see how far along parts of your SQL has gone (a large hash join or full table scan may show up here). Take a look at this Ask Tom for more info.

If your job has multiple SQL statements and you're trying to track how far along you are after each one, you could add some code to insert status updates on a control table after each statement.

Finding a SQL Server process percentage complete with DMVs, The query will show you the percentage of completion and the status of the current database shrink. You can rerun the query to check statuses� Open up a new query in SQL Management Studio and run the following query: SELECT percent_complete, start_time, status, command, estimated_completion_time, cpu_time, total_elapsed_time FROM sys.dm_exec_requests WHERE command = 'DbccFilesCompact' The query will show you the percentage of completion and the status of the current database shrink. You can rerun the query to check statuses overtime.

The output_rows column in this query might be useful if your query is not in v$session_longops. The problem is you don't know what the total output rows is.

select plan_operation, plan_options, plan_object_name, plan_object_type, plan_bytes, plan_time, plan_cpu_cost, plan_io_cost, output_rows, workarea_mem
from   v$sql_plan_monitor
where  sid = 2646
and    status = 'EXECUTING'
order  by plan_line_id

How to check status on Database Shrink Task in SQL Management , There are many times when DBA wants to check the progress of a backup or a restore activity which is happening on the server. By combining� Using T-SQL Scripts can be also be used to backup or restore a database and you can use the keyword ‘STATS' in the script to monitor progress. When using STATS, the number equals the total processing into parts equal to the number. So if you use STATS = 1, this will give you percent by percent completion from 1 to 100%.

You can check gv$session_longops where time_remaining>0;

select sid,target_desc,(Sofar*100)/totalwork as percentage_complete from gv$session_longops

would give you the percentage.

How to Get Status of Running Backup and Restore in SQL Server , I need a script to find out the status of the database currently restoring i.e it See percent complete of database restore SELECT percent_complete, use the GUI anything else to check the progress of that Backup / Restore. In that case, we could write the following SQL query to calculate, in SQL, the percentage of marks scored: SELECT (sum(marks_subject)*100)/1000 AS percentage_marks FROM STUDENT_MARKS WHERE student_name = 'X';

SQL Script to findout How much percentage databse restoration , T-SQL: Query to get percentage restore status of database, Query to get percentage SELECT der.percent_complete as PercentageComplete, dest.text as QueryText, Check this box to receive notifications of new comments on this feed� select session_id, percent_complete, last_wait_type, wait_resource, wait_time, wait_type from sys.dm_exec_requests where status = ’rollback’ In addition to the rollback percent complete, it gives you some info about if and what the process is waiting for, in case you feel it is taking a long time, and you want to investigate that.

T-SQL: Query to get percentage restore status of database, DBCC CheckDB or CheckTable – Find percent complete hours to run to confirm if there is any corruption in your SQL Server Database. with the session running the DBCC Check that you are wanting to get the status on. Thanks for the query, this really showed the status of the hours completed of the restore initiated, with a database sized about more than 1 TB which was compressed to 574 GB. But the query that you shared didn’t show the percentage correctly. This below given command populated me the percentage completion in float.

DBCC CheckDB or CheckTable - Find percent complete, It's really hard to say how long your rebuild will take, as SQL itself doesn't really know in advance and cant give you an estimate. You can use the following query � When this trace flag gets enabled, SQL Server will continue to keep encryption_state of 2 (Encryption in progress) when we query sys.dm_database_encryption_keys with a percent complete of 0. To resume the TDE scanner process, all we need to do is disable the trace flag and run ‘ALTER DATABASE db_name SET ENCRYPTION ON’ .

  • You don't need an extra "control table". You can use DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO.SET_SESSION_LONGOPS to "hook" into v$session_longops from your own code.…
  • I was speaking of tracking a set of SQL statements being executed in a stored procedure - the OP was not clear on whether it was one statement or a group that she wished to track - she just said "a job in the database" - and I wouldn't advise using longops to track your business logic, better to have a persisted store that you manage yourself so you can go back and look.