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When I try to print the json file I get this:

{'results': [{'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.996, 'transcript': 'hi '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.973, 'transcript': "it's my first day of school today "}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.956, 'transcript': "I'm feeling nervous "}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.898, 'transcript': "what if I don't know anything "}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.957, 'transcript': "don't worry just give school a try dad says to take something from home to make me feel less nervous "}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.948, 'transcript': "take this hard for your first day because I love you robot I know you'll do great today "}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.989, 'transcript': 'thanks dad I love you too '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.81, 'transcript': 'this heart will make me think of you all day '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.911, 'transcript': 'my first class is math '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.909, 'transcript': 'will you try it with me '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.24, 'transcript': 'shapes '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.982, 'transcript': "I don't know much about shapes "}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.892, 'transcript': "I'll put them in my computer "}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.778, 'transcript': 'I learned three shapes '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.215, 'transcript': 'circle '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.733, 'transcript': 'tri angle '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.918, 'transcript': 'where '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.5, 'transcript': 'well I liked doing math '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.915, 'transcript': "now it's time for art class "}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.867, 'transcript': "I haven't made a lot of art before "}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.912, 'transcript': 'but I can try right '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.909, 'transcript': "I've never painted before "}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.864, 'transcript': 'have you '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.998, 'transcript': "well I'll give it a try "}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.603, 'transcript': 'there '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.995, 'transcript': 'what do you think '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.967, 'transcript': 'I am more artistic than I thought '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.752, 'transcript': 'I like art class '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.993, 'transcript': "now it's time for recess "}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.773, 'transcript': "that's when we get to play outside "}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.978, 'transcript': 'do you want to play with me '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.802, 'transcript': 'Hey look I jungle gym '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.773, 'transcript': "I've never been on a jungle gym before "}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.999, 'transcript': 'is this how this is supposed to work '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.646, 'transcript': 'I loved recess '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.943, 'transcript': 'and I love school '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.822, 'transcript': 'I can do so much and I learned some things to '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.707, 'transcript': 'look here comes '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.97, 'transcript': "I'm so proud of you on your first day I have a present for you "}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.783, 'transcript': 'I '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.445, 'transcript': 'love '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.346, 'transcript': 'cool '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.451, 'transcript': "it's true "}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.838, 'transcript': 'how do I look '}], 'final': True}, {'alternatives': [{'confidence': 0.836, 'transcript': 'like a robot who loves school '}], 'final': True}], 'result_index': 0}

How do I print only the "transcript" part for each one (basically all of the transcripts)? I tried to run this code:

for string in distros_dict.results.alternatives.items():
    print (value['transcript'])

But I got an error saying

AttributeError: 'dict' object has no attribute 'results'

I ran


which printed the correct first one (I couldn't iterate through it though)


You can loop over the dictionary as following because distros_dict['results'] is a single list of length 1.

for string in distros_dict['results']:


it's my first day of school today 
I'm feeling nervous 
what if I don't know anything 
don't worry just give school a try dad says to take something from home to make me feel less nervous 
take this hard for your first day because I love you robot I know you'll do great today 
thanks dad I love you too 
this heart will make me think of you all day 


Access and print a specific JSON value, Getting a specific property from a JSON response object Instead, you select the exact property you want and pull that out through dot notation. The dot ( . ) after response (the name of the JSON payload, as defined arbitrarily in the jQuery AJAX function) is how you access the values you want from the JSON object. Now we are going ahead and will see that how we can extract values from JSON file. Create a JSON file: Now the first thing we need to do is create a JSON file, to do that we need to open an editor that you have installed like I have VS code installed. So, I will open VS Code and create a JSON file. Here is the screenshot of our JSON file.

Your distros_dict has a couple of arrays in it. The first is the "results" array. You could access that via

results_array = distros_dict['results']

The resulting array then gives you an array of "alternatives"

for result in results_array:
    alternatives_array = result['alternatives']

I think you simply need to drill down through the 2 levels of arrays. If you only need the first result you could simply use the distros_dict['results'][0] similar to what you had, but in case you have more than one, it may be best to iterate through them.

Hope that helps.

How to get specific value from json string, I suggest to create models to present your JSON data: Hide Copy Code. public class MajorIssue { public int attributeId { get; set; } public string� JSON_VALUE function. JSON_MODIFY function. It returns a scalar value from JSON. We get an object or an array from the JSON. Output data type – Nvarhcar(4000) Output data type – Nvarchar(max) It returns a NULL Value if we try to return an array or object.

Try this:

for item in distros_dict["results"]:
    for alternative in item["alternatives"]:

Extract specific values from nested JSOn output - Build, Hello All, I need to get specific values from output json. Like from First you have to read the json file and deserialise it to Jobject. Let us take� The d and file_data objects returned by json.loads should have the standard python dictionary interface. Therefore you should be able to access the acronym value in d using d["acronym"]. You could also do for keyvaluepair in file_data.items(): to iterate through each JSON entry and apply a separate comparison to each key value pair based on the

JSON Objects, JSON objects are written in key/value pairs. Keys must be strings, and values must be a valid JSON data type (string, number, object, array, boolean or null). Another possibility would be to use the JObject and JProperty properties provided from Json.Net, in order to directly fetch the value like this: var jsonObject = (JObject)JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(json); var unashamedohio = (JObject)(jsonObject.Property("unashamedohio").Value); var summonerLevel = unashamedohio.Property("summonerLevel"); Console.WriteLine(summonerLevel.Value);

JavaScript JSON Parsing, Object: This is defined as an unordered collection of key/value pairs (i.e. In JavaScript, you can easily parse JSON data received from the web server using the� you can get value for that JSON value as.[0]["username"] If you want to get all the usernames from the array, then you can do something like this:

Get a Value by Key in a JSONArray, A JSON message is usually comprised of JSON objects and arrays which may be nested inside one another. A JSONArray object is enclosed� The full-form of JSON is JavaScript Object Notation. It means that a script (executable) file which is made of text in a programming language, is used to store and transfer the data. Python supports JSON through a built-in package called json. To use this feature, we import the json package in Python script.

  • What is your question?
  • How do I print only the "transcript" part for each one (basically all of the transcripts).
  • but the answer is already in your question...
  • >>>` [item['alternatives'][0]['transcript'] for item in distros_dict['results']]` and if you have more than one alternatives, then [item['alternatives'][y]['transcript'] for item in x['results'] for y in range(len(item['alternatives']))]
  • I can only print one at a time, I can't find a way to iterate through it and print all of them. Maybe I wasn't clear in my question, I apologize