Is it possible to disable the mobile UI features in tinyMCE 5

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Is it possible to disable the mobile UI feature in tinyMCE, and just show the regular editor? I'm asking because it only shows a blank screen for me, in mobile (when I click on the "book" icon in the editor box. I've searched for solutions to the blank page and I only found vague references to "a parent element having overflow set to anything but visible" which didn't help me much.

EDIT November 2019: TinyMCE 5.1 switches to the Silver theme by default on mobile devices. This workaround is no longer necessary.

Our documentation doesn't explicitly explain how to do this, and it isn't something we test so you may run into unexpected issues, but it is certainly possible.

Our mobile UI is implemented as a theme, even in TinyMCE 5, similar to how modern was our desktop theme for version 4 and silver is for version 5. By default when the editor detects it is on a mobile device the theme is set to mobile - we removed this from the v5 docs, but our v4 docs describe the defaults:

  selector: 'textarea',
  mobile: {
    theme: 'mobile'

By extension of this concept, where the mobile block overrides the config, you can specify the mobile theme to be modern in TinyMCE 4, silver in TinyMCE 5 and the desktop interface will show:

  selector: 'textarea',
  mobile: {
    theme: 'silver'

I have created a fiddle to demonstrate this which loads the desktop theme on my phone.

TinyMCE Mobile | Docs, I dont really think that the mobile view is good enough, it also not support all the actions that I want, though I Therefore I would like to ask for a flag to disable automatic mobile detection which was featured it TinyMCE 5. Mobile UI don't have many plugins I need. Pricing Demo Extensions Features Support Team� TinyMCE 5.0 has an ARIA WCAG 2.1 standards compliant user interface to make the user interface controls and dynamic content more accessible. In TinyMCE 5.0, more complex controls or dialogs can be written in the new API style while keeping the more straightforward methods of adding buttons and windows.

if you want to enable plugins (image, media, fullscreen etc.):

in config:

mobile: {
    theme: 'silver'

in tinymce.min.js:



replace to

"advlist", "autolink", "lists", "link", "image", "anchor", "searchreplace", "code", "fullscreen", "media", "table", "paste", "codesample"

or any plugins you need

I know, that source files should not be edited, but only this method helped me.

TinyMCE 5 allow to disable mobile detection Idea, Value: true. Possible Values: true , false To disable the editor's context menu, set this option to false . Note: This option is not supported on mobile devices. Do you want to request a feature or report a bug? Bug What is the current behavior? Create a Boostrap modal and add a TinyMce editor. In desktop mode, everything is fine In mobile mode, TinyMce show a book to open the editor in full page

config the mobile like this:

mobile: {
  theme: "silver",
  menubar: false,
  height: 300,
  max_height: 500,
  max_width: 500,
  min_height: 400,
  statusbar: false,
  toolbar: false,
  plugins: ["autosave", "lists", "autolink"]

User interface options | Docs, When I click "tinymce-mobile-mask-tap-icon", everything goes blank and ent up in just /54579110/is-it-possible-to-disable-the-mobile-ui-features-in-tinymce-5. What about making the standard Tinymce UI elements compatible with mobile devices? Actually i am struggling to make a tinymce ui listbox working with mobiel devices. Unfortunatly it does not seem to do it out of the box. But i guess there are more tinymce UI components that should be able to listen to touchstart events (and maybe other mobile

Well, I just lost a night of sleep over this, so here's the dirty fix while @spyder can figure it out:

First, download the dev (unminified) version of tinyMCE here

Then, edit the file tinymce.js - Modify the function isOnMobile (should be around line 11930) to always return false, like this:

var isOnMobile = function (isTouchDevice, sectionResult) {
    var isInline = sectionResult.settings().inline;
    return false; //isTouchDevice && !isInline;

Finally, Save your changes and minify again (the unminified file is 1mb!). There are several online tools that can do this for you in case you don't these tools in place already.

Note that this only works if you are self-hosting. It ain't pretty, but until there is an official fix, it WORKS.

Mobile theme doesn't work in a Bootstrap modal, Our goal is to help you achieve this with as little effort as possible. We're pleased to introduce TinyMCE mobile, available in version 4.7. TinyMCE mobile is� Is it possible to upgrade Tinymce to v5.x in Joomla? Is it possible to disable the mobile UI features in tinyMCE 5. config the mobile like this: mobile: { theme

TinyMCE Mobile, This section is about customizing TinyMCE's user interface with skins, toolbar buttons, and content_css: 'dark' // > **Note**: This feature is only available for TinyMCE 5.1 and later. }); To create a skin interactively, visit the TinyMCE 5 Skin Tool. Documentation Mobile Download Changelog Contribute Open Source� This option allows you to disable TinyMCE’s default behavior of removing <br> tags at the end of block elements. Gecko and WebKit browsers inject these elements to make it possible to place the caret in empty blocks.

Customizing the editor UI | Docs, When using tinymce on the iphone you get a grey box with an open book icon in a /54579110/is-it-possible-to-disable-the-mobile-ui-features-in-tinymce-5#� This is my initial draft for the URL dialog functionality that we are bringing back, though with a different/new API in comparison to v4. @shikhanansi let me know if you have any questions or want something clarified 😄 Note: I haven't been able to test the new example works correctly, as the new API isn't deployed to cloud yet.

Using Mobile theme shows "open book" icon � Issue #4040 � tinymce , In desktop mode, everything is fine In mobile mode, TinyMce show a book to /is -it-possible-to-disable-the-mobile-ui-features-in-tinymce-5. 6 Is it possible to disable the mobile UI features in tinyMCE 5 Feb 7 '19 5 Firefox kills Java applets when out of view Oct 13 '09 4 In what way do many graphical components affect the performance of a Swing GUI?

  • This is still a bit of a trainwreck. I wanted to disable the mobile experience entirely because the mobile theme won't allow me to do certain tool items, or do them in a way I don't want. For example, the link dialog won't appear, and in the mobile theme it allows title and other attributes, which I don't want. The image picker won't even let me stay with URL's, allowing to pick something to upload.
  • Yeah, the mobile theme is quite restrictive at the moment. But desktop editing doesn't have any of the mobile behaviour optimisations. We're scheduling another pass at the mobile theme in the coming months.
  • Update: We are working on mobile compatibility in the silver theme - some of these changes are already showing up in the latest release if you use my patch above. Once that's ready (we are targeting version 5.1) we will delete the mobile theme and redirect all platforms to silver.
  • @Spyder till the new version is out I would like to remove the mobile detection. Would it be (good) working if I edit the source code and return false for each DeviceType (line 3420 in tinymce.js current version).
  • @HannesOberreiter you won't need to shortly. We're working on a fix for the mobile plugin filter such that it depends on the theme rather than the device. At that point the theme override should be all you need. Adjusting the device type code may have unforeseen consequences in other areas.
  • You could also change that in the source files and compile TinyMCE yourself. But we only test mobile with the whitelist of plugins so we make no guarantees about whether other plugins work on mobile.