Pure css way to prevent scrollbar pushing content to the left?

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Is there a way to prevent scrollbar from pushing content, or the entire page to the left with pure css? I mean no hacks or anything.

I tried two javascript solutions:

1) Set body to overflow hidden, store the body.offsetWidth in a variable, then overflow visible and then subtract that offsetWidth with the current body.offsetWidth and apply the difference to the right margin.

2) Calculate the offsetWidth and apply it on the wrapper div on every resize.

What didnt work:

1) Position absolute.

2) Floating everything to the left was a bad idea.

3) Leaving the scrollbar visible (Looks bad).

4) Overflow-y hidden makes things user unfriendly.

Unfortunately there is no other way to prevent your problem. Just use

     body {

As an alternative, I recommend you to use a Framework for custom scroll bars. Or disable the scrollbar as shown in the above snippet and emulate it with an absolute positioned and some JS. Of course you will have to consider calculating the height of the page and the offset of the scrollbar thumb.

I hope that helps.

Pure css way to prevent scrollbar pushing content to the left?, Is there a way to prevent scrollbar from pushing content, or the entire page to the left with pure css? I mean no hacks or anything. I tried two javascript solutions:  Instead of using margin: auto to center your content, use this: body { margin-left: calc(50vw - 500px); } Replace 500px with half the max-width of your content (so in this example the content max-width is 1000px). The content will now stay centered and the margin will progressively decrease all the way until the content fills the viewport.

Just give your body a width of 100vw like this:

   width: 100vw;

Content Jumping (and How To Avoid It), If the content ends up making the element taller, it can still do that, which isn't great, overflow-y: scroll; text-align: left; background-color: white; } .dynamic-​content you'll notice that even on Braintree's own site the content gets pushed around If this isn't possible, they might already be doing all they can with pure CSS. If you want a pure css option, i believe an absolute positioned div inside the body with width and height of 100%, overflow auto and right padding larger than the width of a scroll bar, will replace the normal scrollbar without shifting the content to the left on long pages.

There are a lot of ways to go around this issue though normally you won't mind a little push to the left:

  1. Give overflow-y: scroll to body and make sure always there is a scrollbar.

  2. Make use of the fact that viewport width includes the scrollbar while percentages do not account for it:

    a. Giving width: 100vw to body element, or

    b. Giving margin-left: calc(100vw - 100%) to the html element so that scrollbar or not, you have a fixed area to work on.

  3. There is even a deprecated overflow: overlay property that draws over the page instead of shifting it to the left.

More Elegant Fix for Jumping Scrollbar Issue, Skip to main content A classic fix was html { overflow-y: scroll; } to force the scrollbar all the time. Ayke van Laëthem has found a more elegant solution in html { margin-left: calc(100vw - 100%); } which works because vw accounts for is how much progress has been made scrolling through that element  Vertical scrollbars in Netscape and Mozilla seem to "push" the page/frame content to the left when they appear, in order to create the necessary space. This is opposed to scrollbar behaviour in IE, which seems to "reserve" some permanent space for the scrollbar, whether present or not, allowing the content to stay in place when there is the

To disable the horizontal scrollbar, you can use overflow-x, so it won't affect your vertical scroll:

body {
    overflow-x: hidden; 

Well-Controlled Scrolling with CSS Scroll Snap, The case for scroll snapping. Scrolling is a popular and natural way to interact with content on the web. It is the platform's native means of providing access to more  If the content ends up making the element taller, it can still do that, which isn’t great, but it’s slightly better than doing nothing. Here’s an example of what this would look like (rerun to see delayed ad loading): See the Pen Avoiding Content Jumps by CSS-Tricks (@css-tricks) on CodePen. Another Example: A Third-Party Widget

position: sticky is Amazing, what you can build with CSS position:sticky, how to use it, and what to watch out for. a specific distance from the top/bottom/left/right egde of the scrolling viewport. Scroll the content and watch the headings stick once they hit 0px from the top edge. dock to the left, in view, until a new description pushes it out of the way. CSS-Tricks * is created, written by, and maintained by Chris Coyier and a team of swell people. The tech stack for this site is fairly boring. That's a good thing! I've used WordPress since day one all the way up to v17, a decision I'm very happy with. I also leverage Jetpack for extra functionality and Local for local development.

Bootstrap scrollbar for div, Two approaches to make a custom scrollbar, one using pure CSS, and In this tutorial you will learn how to create scrollspy with Bootstrap. Disable horizontal scrollbar due to a DIV with position:absolute which is outside of the page (5) . and define the modal content part. make-me-sticky has left and right padding that​  There are, no surprise, numerous ways to do this in JavaScript. Some of them are on this very site. I was curious if it was possible to do in pure CSS. The solution ended up being fairly straightforward: Create a container with items; Rotate the container 90 degrees counterclockwise so the bottom is to the right; Rotate the items back to

Flexbox overflow scroll horizontal, By default a container that has scrolling content will have scroll bars. Apr 30, 2015 · Preview: Description: A pure CSS/CSS3 based responsive accordion slider How to Hide Scrollbars with CSS. Jan 10, 2020 · Setting some boxes in a horizontal row with flexbox is easy. mr-auto ), and pushing two items to the left ( . Ughck, accidental horizontal scrollbar, amiright? That can be a pain, but you can usually find the offending element by surfing around the ol’ DevTools and selecting elements until you find something that extends too far over to to the right (off-page to the left doesn’t tend to trigger a scrollbar the same way) and adjusting it.

  • @TimTroiano same thing as with overflow visible. I get a bar on right of every page even if its not needed but maybe im overthinking it.
  • Please make a fiddle for this .
  • Can you create an example?
  • Sure thing, I'll gladly do that when I have time. :)
  • Ok thanks. I will try to implement your suggestion! Very good idea.