Can't type anything while running code in netbeans

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Ok so I'm having troubles with netbeans. When I run the code I can't type anything, i can only paste something and that's annoying. Let's just have a very simple example, here's the code:

    #include <iostream>

int main() {
    int number;
    std::cout << "Give me a number: " << std::endl;
    std::cin >> number;
    std::cout << "You gave me " << number << ". Thank you." << std::endl;

Ok when I hit run it shows me "Give me number". Under that text there is a white box which becomes black when i click it and i can't type anything, so only way to move forward is copying the number and the paste it.

You can try to change the console type :

Right click on your project > Properties > Run > Console Type

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Adding to Vincent's explanation, I find that the correct console type is the External Terminal.

(Given that this question was over a year ago, this is mostly for the sake of future Googlers)

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ProjectName -> Properties -> Run -> Console -> Standard Output is I THINK what the original question was looking for.

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  • 5 years later and this is still a relevant solution (just had the same problem), what are those Netbeans people even doing with their IDE?
  • I'm a future googler and Standard Output seems to be working so far
  • @MrRedstoner the default console still doesn't work properly when I try to type into it.